Bag of Randomness


  • There wasn’t much on television last night so I caught a bit of that diving show on ABC called ‘Splash’.  It was amazing what a 65-year-old seven-foot-two-inch Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is able to do and put his body through.  He’s gotta feel sore in the morning.
  • Joey Lawrence was one of the hosts of the show, and he didn’t even say “whoa” once.
  • For Louie Anderson to be on the show, he either wants a real challenge or is hurting for some cash.  At one point in the show, he couldn’t even get his 400-pound body out of the pool, and then later said that his goal was just to be able to get out of the pool by himself.
  • I’m sad to report that I’m caught up with the rest of the world when it comes to ‘Parks and Recreation’.  When you watch all the shows online you feel powerful, able to knock one out one after another, then … when you are caught up, it’s like all your super powers have been taken away.
  • For you ‘Parks and Rec’ fans, I tend to think of Southlake as Eagleton.
  • And yet with that last statement, I have the audacity to say that an indoor dog pool center is being built near me.
  • It’s amazing how Central Florida University was able to avoid that mass shooting.
  • I’ve experimented with a few alternatives to Google Reader and I think even though I’m not 100%, I’m gonna stick with Feedly.  Here’s a good write-up by Lifehacker and I pretty much have to agree with their reasoning: By a massive 65% of the vote, Feedly was your Google Reader alternative of choice, partially because it’s free, cross-platform, and available on multiple devices. Plus, they make importing your Google Reader subscriptions so ridiculously easy that it’s worth a try. As of right now, they still use Google for syncing, but the team at Feedly is planning their own syncing engine to replace their dependence on Google Reader before it shuts down. 
  • ‘Walking Dead’ thought – I think Rick and the gang could successfully attack Woodbury by lighting the town on fire, and even use Darrel’s crossbow to launch some flaming arrows from a distance.  I doubt the water lines are functioning well enough to put out a large fire and there seems to be a lot of wooden structures.  Their best bet would be to talk with Merle and find out what building stores the most ammo and go from there.
  • Huh, that last sentence started with a ‘their’ and ended with a ‘there’.  It probably could have been better written.
  • I took WifeGeeding to see Wicked on Broadway when we were last in NYC, and now she’s going to see it again this weekend in Dallas.
  • It costs $44,563 to incarcerate a prisoner for a year in California — nearly the same price as a year at 

    Harvard University with room and board


  • Company director called Bart Simpson appears before judge named MR BURNS
  • A Tongue-Mounted Toothbrush, For Hands-Free Teeth-Cleaning On The Go
  • Clever Man of Steel marketing
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