Bag of Randomness


  • When I heard the Pope has chosen the name Francis, my first thought was what would be Rep. Francis Underwood’s reaction.  Yup, I’m really into Netflix’s “House of Cards”.
  • It was interesting watching live coverage of Pope Francis’ first appearance and how everyone was interpreting every little action from the name he chose to him wearing his own cross around his neck to what his said and how he said it.  I’ve thought about it before, but it was then that it really hit me that’s a lot of weight on his shoulders, no wonder they call the room he enters before addressing the crowd “The Room of Tears” because that’s one heck of a responsibility.
  • When it comes to live coverage, I kind of feel like the commentary they gave Pope Francis could have been said for any person that was selected.
  • I recently discovered the tradition of the Pope choosing a name isn’t required  or law, but just one of those traditions.  It goes back to Pope John II back in 533.  His birth name was Mercurius, which is a derivitive of Mercury, a Greek God.  He felt a Pope shouldn’t have the name of a Greek God and thus changed it.  The last pope to use his own birth name was Marcellus II in 1555.
  • I think while every Cardinal denies it, they all dream of becoming Pope at least somewhat.  For instance, you don’t want to randomly pick a bad name.
  • I’d love to see a new Pope’s face the moment the votes are in announced to the Cardinals.
  • It must be a bit weird for a Pope to know that he’ll never again spend quality time in his home country.
  • I wonder if the janitorial staff of the Vatican ever goes into the Pope’s bathroom and say, “Holy crap.”
  • WifeGeeding will often leave her Facebook page up on the iPad we share, and it appears that she has lots of friends who love NASCAR and hate Obama.  I have no idea how we ended up together.
  • The kids having to stay home in DFW for spring break sure are lucky to enjoy this great weather.  I remember one year taking a trip to Washington D.C. for a school sponsored spring break trip and it snowed back home, but D.C. didn’t get anything of the white stuff.
  • Wealth is more amply measured in hugs than dollars. – Nick Offerman
  • I like caps that serve a dual purpose, like ones that provide measurements.
  • I use Google Reader the most of anything web related, and now Google is getting rid of it come this July.  Anyone recommend a good alternative?  CNet has their top five.
  • I think “Survivor” had the ultimate meltdown of all reality game shows last night.
  • “The American’s” was just OK last night.  It seems like one week the male lead cares more about their relationship and the next week it’s the female, and then it switches again and again.  Usually the show is over an hour, like an hour and six minutes, but last night it was just an hour.
  • Envelope X-Ray Spray lets you see through a layer of paper for 30-60 seconds.
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