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  • One beautiful gift that only comes with age is perspective, and that gift helps shapes maturity.  At least that’s what’s been on my heart recently.
  • It seems like whenever I get a bill (especially medical) that I have questions about, I always get them Friday evening or on Saturday when I can’t do anything but sit on them.
  • I had to break down and buy a new belt, as drilling another hole in my current belt would only make the notch/strap ratio totally out of whack.  It’s hard for me to justify paying over $15 for a belt, so that meant a trip down to Marshals.  TJ Max and Ross are other good places to buy a new built.
  • I’m still enjoying ‘House of Cards’ on Neflix.  It’s a simple little thing, but I love how they show texts being exchanged, so simple and clean, a bit minimalist, but very tech savy.
  • The third episode of ‘House of Cards’ shows the congressman’s wife running through a cemetery and is confronted by a woman who asks her why is she running in that area and if she had any respect.  I thought the same thing when I saw the underrated 2000 political drama movie The Contender which the scene reminded me of.  Jeff Bridges played a heck of a president in that movie.  Also, Spacey delivers a heck of a sermon on hate in that third episode.
  • I’m now on the fifth episode and thought that may have been the best one yet.  If the producers need to turn in some sort of Emmy performance for Spacey, I’d recommend that episode as that bathtub scene with Congressman Russo was just riveting.  I also didn’t give Kate Mara much attention until that episode be she certainly has it now.
  • The top three sins seducing most Americans: procrastination, overeating and spending too much time on media.
  • “60 Minutes” had a segment on the big three credit rating agencies last night.  If you ever had to deal with them, I’m sure you don’t have a favorable opinion of them.  I always thought it was strange that three public corporations could collect all our personal financial data and sell it to others, and provide a grade based on their own grading system and basically control our financial hope and destiny.  I didn’t know until last night that the information consumers see is different than the data that is sold to financial institutions and businesses.  I also didn’t know, but wasn’t surprised, that a lot of their work is outsourced to different countries.
  • Great astronomy picture which includes an astronaut, the sun, Earth, and the ISS – thanks to the help of a little reflection.
  • Fifth-grader brings knife and gun to kill ex girlfriend and others, fourth-grader saves the day by tattling
  • Fox News Runs Photo Of Lesbian Couple In Story About Traditional Marriage
  • The meaning of Mardi Gras colors – purple = justice, green = faith, and gold = power
  • I’m not much of an Amy Poehler fan, but she does this cool thing on YouTube where she answers questions of teenage girls and provides some substantive advice.  In her latest Q&A she talks about the art of apologizing.  One very honest tidbit she provides . . . it doesn’t mean that someone will accept your apology.
  • Kate Upton, at only 20-years-old, will be on her second Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover.  I do think she’s been a bit overexposed over the past year and a half, but I’m glad a healthy looking woman with curves is being overexposed rather than those that are rail thin – girls are certainly impressionable.
  • @neiltyson  – There’s no greater force to make someone lie than the threat of punishment for having told the truth.
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