Bag of Randomness


  • I read in a tweet that when a person dies, the first sense to go is sight and the last is hearing.
  • While at a stop light I noticed the school bus next to me had mounted security cameras on the side enclosed in some kind of black metal box.  I wonder how many school buses have those.
  • I ate at our local Chili’s last night and made it to the car when a waitress (not the one that served us) tapped on my window and showed me my wallet.  I offered her a tip as a sign of appreciation, but she said, “Oh don’t worry about it.  God bless.”
  • I remember eating at that same Chili’s a few days after my mother’s death, just really to get out of the house.  My stomach was still in knots and I tired my best to eat a quesadilla, but I could only manage a few small bites.  Our waiter asked if everything was OK and I said the food was good, but he pressed on wondering why I wasn’t eating if the food was good, so I politely and kinda oddly told him my mother passed away a few days ago.  When it came time to pay the bill, he told me it was on the house.
  • I’ve never eaten a praline and don’t think I’m missing anything.
  • Two coworkers from previous projects (one from a previous company) contacted me out of the blue to tell me about their current frustration with the part of their project that I was responsible for, and how they appreciated they way I handled the role when it my responsibility and wished I was still working for/with them.  That was a real pick-me-upper yesterday.
  • I found a new political drama to watch that I’d like to recommend.  It’s the Neflix series ‘House of Cards‘ that stars Kevin Spacey.  Basically, Spacey is the House Majority Whip who gets passed over for the Secretary of State position by a newly elected president and then is out for revenge.  Another factor to consider about the series is that Netflix has released the entire season all at once, so there’s no waiting week-by-week.  It may take a little getting use to Spacey’s South Carolinian accent and how he speaks directly to the audience, but I think it all works.  Spacey’s wife is played by Robin Wright, who I didn’t know was born in Dallas.
  • I was alerted there’s a collection of pregnant women photos online and a few of WifeGeeding’s pictures were included.
  • Speaking of WifeGeeding, this story of a man in court crying so much during his testimony that his eye came out and resulted in a mistrial, made me think of her.
  • Sometimes I think it would be fun to start a Bizzaro-Barry blog called “Conservatively Chubby in the Land of Dairy Queen.”
  • 666 on tax form makes man quit job to save soul
  • A while ago I made a post about men having devices strapped to them in order to experience labor pains.  There’s now a YouTube video of it, but it’s not in English, but if you hit the CC button you can read the captions.
  • Remember that girl that flipped the bird to the judge and told him to f— off? She was back in court and seemed to be more well behaved. [Thanks, RPM]
  • Al Roker has some competition in the poopy-pants-journalism department.
  • Was this some sort of crazy Mad Men foreshadowing that we all missed?
  • The person who uses the Twitter handle @TheAverageShark only follows one person, and it’s actually kinda funny.
  • Speaking of sharks: Man Sentenced for Abusing Great White Shark
  • Willow Smith just wants to be 12.
  • Australian Kids Face Birthday Candle Ban to Prevent Spreading Germs

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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Ben W. says:

    House of Cards is great! I agree, I was initially annoyed by the "talk to the camera" device, and Spacey's accents seems to come and go a bit, but I quickly got used to all that and now I'm just hooked into this really intriguing story. (Side note: did they age Kevin Spacey for this part, or is he really just looking that old? Some of his closeups from the pilot struck me by how worn down and weathered he looked. I assume it's makeup, but if not, he's aging quickly.)

    I'm about halfway through, and if I didn't have this pesky job and a family to pay attention to, I'd be finished by now. From what I understand, this was a guaranteed two-season deal, so we haven't seen the last of The Honorable Francis J. Underwood. Thankfully.

  2. AndreaJN says:

    I think you should try a praline! I think they are pretty darn good – sugar coated pecans. If you have tried honey-roasted peanuts, or peanut brittle you are in the same ballpark, but not quite the same taste. But maybe you don't like nuts..

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