Bag of Random Voting Thoughts

  • I just got back from voting, it took about 20 minutes waiting in line and all, but when I drove by earlier today, the wait looked closer to 45 minutes.
  • For some reason I took my daughter with me, just thought it was important.
  • I saw a 102-year-old-woman vote today.  Her ballot had to brought out to her car .  Random thought, she could have spoken to my daughter and truthfully say “I’m a century older than you.”
  • We vote at a church, and they do such a good job of providing water for those waiting outside and providing cookies and other sugary snacks.
  • As a child I remember my father driving my grandmother to vote and when they got back I would ask her who she voted for.  Everytime, she answered, “I voted for you, sweetie.”  If you are mentally playing that voice in your head, be sure to use a voice that had over 60-years of smoking to go with it.
  • I told one of the voting volunteers or precinct people or whatever you call them, “Thanks you for your service.”  You should have seen the smile on the guy’s face, he then stuck out his hand and shook mine firmly.
  • I decided to kick it old school and went with a paper ballot.
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One Response to Bag of Random Voting Thoughts

  1. Stefanie says:

    Dang it, Geeding! Now I feel guilty for not saying Thank You to the pollers. Crap…now I have to carry that around for 4 more years.

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