Bag of Randomness

  • WifeGeeding had a girls’ night out the other day, something long overdue for her and well deserved.  She’s not the best night time driver and does a great job of texting me of when she’s about to leave and come home, and I guess that’s because she knows I’m a worry-wart.  But the thought did hit me on how my world could instantly be turned upside down if something happened to her and I had to be a single father.
  • Speaking of WifeGeeding, she wants to join a local morning bootcamp.
  • On this day back in 1999 was my first day of employment in a ‘real job’ in the DFW area after graduating college.
  • I see the word “artisan” thrown around a lot in restaurants and super markets.
  • While at Braum’s I thought I’d ask GirlGeeding if she wanted to dip her french fry in my hot fudge sundae to see what it was like.  Not only did she do so without hesitation, but she did it repeatedly.  First of all, I thought she would have put together that would have been a gross combination.  Secondly, I thought after the first bite she would have realized that was a bad combination.
  • What former President George W. Bush has been up to
  • Why are blueprints blue?
  • Much Ado About Nothing is actually a dirty pun.
  • For mor light, just peel the wall
  • Two women running against one another for a U.S. Senate seat were asked if they read 50 Shades of Gray.
  • Batman’s Kia Optima
  • Baby elephant saved from a deep hole – LiveLeak
  • Lots of buzz about a Google event on Oct 29
  • University of Phoenix is closing 115 locations – 13,000 students will be affected, which is only about 4% of its student body.
  • “Use my head alongside my heart”
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Jonathan Cliff says:

    Seriously, you've never experienced the greatness of a Braum's crinkle-cut french fry dipped in a chocolate milkshake? Growing up I can remember thinking the french fries there were designed to hold ice cream on them!

    Awesome combination!

  2. Alexandre Costa says:

    As a former personal trainer and owner of a boot camp, I would advise against it unless it:
    a) is indoors
    b) features workouts with more than just a couple of 8 pound dumbbells.

    The camps that are run in parks are really just glorified aerobics workouts. You'll lose some weight initially, but you'd benefit more from a complete workout with weight training.

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