Bag of Randomness

  • This close presidential election just got a lot closer.  I thought Romney did so well last night that I considered changing my vote.  Heck, he did so well, even the Obama campaign admitted Romney looked good.
  • Obama’s performance reminded me of this kind of play.
  • Both candidates got too detailed with numbers last night.  I know this debate focused on the economy, but it’s hard for voters to relate and not feel being talked down to when you hear nothing but numbers, numbers, numbers.
  • I thought Romney looked extremely pale when he came on stage and the debate started, but as things got going, his color came back.
  • In Obama’s closing arguments, he failed to look at the camera and instead focused on the moderator.  He also looked down way too much as he took notes.
  • Romney had a spot on his American flag lapel pin.  A Washington Post reporter states is a Secret Service star logo, which was a gift from his Secret Service agents.
  • I actually thought it was nice to see both candidates and families chit-chat for what I thought was a lengthy time after the debate.  Perhaps the Obamas wanted to get to know the family that will be moving into their house in January just to make the transition easier.
  • Maybe I should tap the brakes a little.  In 2004, President GW Bush didn’t perform too well against Kerry in their first debate, and like Obama, people noticed he scowled and looked annoyed too much.  (Source and Source)
  • Perhaps another similarity to 2004, the war on terror.  Incumbent President GW Bush captured Saddam Hussein, while Osama bin Laden was captured under President Obama’s watch.
  • Romney spoke a lot about being able to reach across the isle, compromise  and negotiate.   But I don’t think that’s what a lot of his party wants, I think they want no compromise.
  • A lot of folks were peeved at moderator Jim Lehrer last night for not controlling the debate, but then again he actually let the candidates engage each other.  The moderator is a lot like being a referee in sports, there will never be 100% agreement in how you handle things.
  • The Romney campaign is a fan of “Friday Night Lights”.
  • I couldn’t get Twitter to load using my computer last night, I could only access it using my phone.
  • Speaking of Twitter, KitchenAid had a tweet last night that poked fun at the president’s grandmother.
  • It would have been fun to see Gov Good Hair last night.
  • Fact-checking the presidential debate
  • A great Dallas skyline picture
  • The nerdiest way to play catch: Three quadrocopters cooperatively tossing and catching a ball with the aid of an elastic net
  • A random deep thought on bubbles

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  1. RPM says:

    I like and respect Jim Lehrer, but he totally dropped the ball and lost control of the debate. It was dueling press conferences.

    I scored it a high "Meh" for both candidates on the Aunt Linda scale. Neither seized the moment.

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