3 Responses to Lincoln Trailer

  1. Stefanie says:

    One time on a car trip, my husband and I ran out of things to talk about. So, I downloaded an old, old book that was a biography of Abraham Lincoln to read aloud. We covered his entire childhood up to college. Since, I have never respected or appreciated someone more after reading about him. And, making the trip to D.C. to the Lincoln Memorial just about brought me to tears. Two things:
    – Lincoln the Vampire Killer: I'm cool with that if motivates kids to learn about his childhood.
    – Quoting Lincoln in political views this election: Stop taking him out of context. Grrr… I've seen more misquotes on FB that ever before. PLEASE, if you are going to quote him, read your history on this President and how he came to be and his stance on things. Not only will it be incredibly fascinating but it will also give you the perspective needed when you are quoting.

  2. Jonathan Cliff says:

    Wait. Where are the vampires?

  3. b_caesar says:

    Must. See.

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