Bag of Randomness

  • I was watching the Sprout channel last night, that’s the channel for little kids in case you didn’t know, trying to help a sick little GirlGeeding get some rest.  On their “Good Night” show they played a “what’s that sound” guessing game, and the sound was that of a rattlesnake.  Really?!  On a show that’s designed to help kids fall asleep and wind down, you want them to wake up screaming because a rattlesnake was in their dream?
  • Not only did Sprout try to give my kid nightmares, but I found a mistake in their lesson . . . the host stated that rattlesnakes are poisonous.  They’re not, they are venomous.  #facepalm #smh
  • Last week Letterman had the President of the United States on the show, and this week he had the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  Who’s next, Angela Merkel or Putin?
  • A “Survivor” observation from WifeGeeding – This season before a challenge, the viewer gets to see the teams strategize.  We don’t recall ever seeing this in other seasons.
  • Not a lot of folks can name NFL referees, I bet most can only recall Ed Hochuli.  As a kid, I always liked Red Cashion.  He was the one that would say “And that’s a first dowwwwwwn!”  YouTube
  • I think I found the scariest concept for a haunted house, and it’s only for those of you in New York and Los Angeles.  You walk through it alone wearing a protective mask performing certain actions asked of you,  the only light available is from the flashlight they provide, and if you get too freaked, all you have to do is yell “SAFETY”.  More details here.   Maxim and the New York Post also gives you decent review of what to expect, letting you know you will have to eat something very suspect, see some R rated stuff, participate in some physical activities, and at one point, be left alone for minutes at a time.
  • When it comes to party schools, SMU has the best night life – “At SMU, Dallas is your never-ending house party.”
  • Southwest Airlines flight attendants will have new uniforms.  I think the black boots and trench coat is gonna be a nice sexy look.
  • Why Are Bottles of Champagne Smashed On New Ships?
  • ‘Jesus rifles’ still being deploying to Afghanistan
  • Bill Donohue, current president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the United States, responded to the art display of ‘Piss Christ’ by displaying a bobblehead of President Obama in a jar of faux feces, towards the end of this video.
  • For my fellow “How I Met Your Mother” fans, the teasing is finally over – ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Showrunners Promise No More Fake-Outs After Season 8 Premiere.  We still don’t know if the woman at the end of the season eight premirere will be the atually actress that plays Ted’s future wife, but this woman has played the “stunt” wife in several episodes according to the article.
  • The San Francisco Police Department Just Stopped Listing Asians as ‘Chinese’
  • A toaster that will toast the current day’s weather report
  • You can now use Google Maps to view of Great Barrier Reef, but I didn’t know you could already use it to take a walking tour the Kennedy Space Center, the Amazon (river, not a book factory),  and an art collection in the Steel City.
  • Seattle MLS team will have their fans vote on whether or not to fire or keep their GM.
  • Batter beaned in only MLB appearance getting 2nd shot
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