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  • It was highly entertaining and quite fascinating checking out tweets right after last nights Green Bay vs Seattle game because of the horrible officiating on the last play of the game, but the most surprising came from Troy Aikman, and perhaps the strongest, from Peter King:

  • Actually, Green Bay Packer TJ Lang was probably the most outspoken on Twitter (vulgarity warning)
  • I can’t imagine what it must have been like to actually have placed money on last night’s game.
  • Both the Romney and Obama campaigns will end up using last night’s game today somehow, just bet on it, Wisconsin is a swing state afterall.
  • BoyGeeding is a little over seven months old, and yesterday I think I may have received the last bill relating to his birth.
  • Tidbits from the presidential debate book I’m reading:
    • The Bush-Clinton-Perot debate was the first presidential debate that had an “open format”.  That is, questions only came from the audience, not journalists, and it had no major time restraints like we see today, in which there are two-minute answers and a one-minute response.  Since then, no candidate wants to risk the open format, until President Ford, who was so behind in the polls wanted to shake things up and invite Carter to a debate.  We need more of these.
    • The only debates in which the candidates were seated involved the vice-presidential debates with Dick Cheney.
    • After Kennedy-Nixon, there were no presidential debates for 16 years.
  • I ride a bike often, but I avoid the road and ride on trails.  I do it for the safety of myself and the safety and consideration of drivers.  Many will disagree, but I think roads should be left for motorized vehicles, which, unlike a bike, you pay for a license, insurance, registration, and taxes.  Yes, cyclists pay taxes, but homeowners with no children still pay taxes for public education, it’s just one of those things.  Roads are built not for bikes to be traveled on, but for motorized vehicles.  Not to mention, it’s frustrating being stuck at a red light behind a cyclist who takes takes forever to accelerate when the light turns green – they complain about sharing the road, when in this case they are hogging and clogging it up.
  • I have a Western Digital network hard drive and the LED light is no longer working.  For the heck of it, I contacted Western Digital and they called to apologize, and will be sending me a new one in the mail, stating my old one was covered under warranty until sometime in 2014.  I think I bought that network drive about a year ago.  So in short, it’s good to register certain products and sometimes it’s worth contacting technical support.
  • Global Bacon Shortage ‘Unavoidable’ Next Year, Says U.K.’s National Pig Association
  • I had no idea “The Jestsons” only lasted one season.
  • The Best Burgers in Dallas – Good to see Motor and Maple made the list.
  • The reason why George DeJohn changed his last name to DiGianni.
  • Did Blowing into Nintendo Cartridges Really Help? 
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. WGII says:

    If you're ever in Arlington near UTA, there is a burger shop called The Chop House and has been featured on Diners, Dives, & Drive Ins. It is amazing and Senor Duskey and I could join y'all!!!

  2. dan says:

    Didn't see the MNF play but I understand that both players caught the ball. As the last and decisive play of the game, would the furor have been any different if the call went against the Seahawks? I think the problem is that it's easier to yell at the replacements on close plays. I didn't see that the cry-baby Patriots had a legitimate gripe at the end of the Ravens game over the field goal. The replacement ref had the only clear view and there is no review for that type of play. No one on the Patriots was in a position to tell if the ball was inside or outside the upright.

    Agreed on the bikers in the roadway, particularly when they are riding on main arteries during RUSH HOUR.
    I've experienced them commuting to work at 6 a.m. when they are barely visible. When they turn a 3-lane road into a 2-lane road during rush hour, making everyone late, I don't see that they are gaining support for their cause

  3. Dude says:

    Dan, how could you have not seen the play? The replays are all over the net… I am not a Packers fan, but Green Bay was robbed by an incredibly poor officiated game. And it wasn't just the last call, either. They missed calls all game long. The NFL has become a joke.

  4. dan says:

    Dude, I been kinda busy. Mostly I heard about it on radio ports talk shows. Those guys have been mixed in their opinions. In any case, I just saw a replay. I'm not an expert on the rules, but I would have called it an interception. Looks like Tate temporarily let go of the ball while he was hitting the ground.

  5. b_caesar says:

    I had no idea that so many burgers required a fried egg on them to be considered "the best in Dallas" – if I wanted an egg on my burger I'd order one for breakfast – or are they just that lazy that they won't mix the egg into the patty? I personally think the best burger in the Dallas area currently is a new invader from Houston – Beck's Prime. They just opened a location at the NW corner of Preston & Forest.

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