Bag of Randomness

  • It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come since 2001.
  • I bet both G.W. Bush and Obama are relieved that the families of the victims of 9/11/01 asked that politicians no longer attend the annual memorial ceremony.  That’s got to be such an emotional task for both presidents, year after year.
  • This little website was unavailable for a while yesterday because it’s hosted by GoDaddy, and Anonymous decided to hack them.  How did GoDaddy want to apologize to their customers for this inconvenience?  They asked us if we wanted to renew our domain and hosting account(s) and offered a discount.  Translation: We’re really not sorry, but please don’t go, instead of any refund, here’s a gimmick where we ask for more money and try to keep you from taking your business elsewhere.
  • ‘Monday Night Football’ just scrolled the name of the starters in both games yesterday. I guess they just wanted to do something different than the other networks that either have the players introduce themselves or show a graphic with their portrait.
  • Jerry Jones’ son-in-law that got caught cleaning his glasses is trying to profit from the exposure by selling eyeglass cleaning cloths called Jerry Wipes that will soon be available in Cowboys Proshop stores.
  • Real life Scar from The Lion King
  • Former news anchor Katie Couric has a new talk show.  You’d think she would have some kind of important person as her first guess, like maybe a former world leader or major movie star.  She decided to go with Jessica Simpson.
  • ‘The Talk’ Goes Make-Up Free! – That Julie Chen sure does pack on the make-up.
  • The NFL’s First Female Official Broke Up A Fake Fight
  • If you noticed a change in the NFL uniforms, it’s because Nike is now the official outfitter, but they still need to work out some kinks.
  • Possible repost: Kid uses remote controlled truck to pull tooth out
  • Every bus stop should have swings
  • was nice enough to link to me last week.
  • TCU students upset football games are too crowded
  • If the Jacksonville Jaguars score a touchdown and don’t celebrate, money is donated to charity.
  • – Now 1 consecutive day without providing an incorrect link.
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