Bag of Randomness

  • Thank goodness there was no Faith Hill in NBC’s broadcast last night, well, at least the open.  They snuck her in towards the end.
  • The Cowboys looked good beating the world champs, but lets tap the breaks . . . it’s a long season.  Let’s see how they are doing in late October when they and the rest of the league is wearing pink.
  • The Cowboys biggest weakness is still lack of discipline, and that’s evident by false starts and holding.
  • It was weird seeing Jerry Jones having someone else clean his glasses.
  • And here I thought the Cowboys weren’t gonna find anyone to fill the spot of Laurent Robinson, and here comes Kevin Ogletree.
  • The Cowboys are the most valuable NFL franchise at $2.1 billion.  Some folks say that Jerry made a good investment when he bought the team in 1989 for $140 million, but I think he did more than buy it, he built that franchise into what it’s worth today.  It’s just too bad it’s not worth more playoff wins.
  • I have a feeling the Rangers’ ratings weren’t very high last night.
  • An interesting tweet during Clinton’s speech last night by ABC News’ Karen Travers – Reading Clinton’s prepared remarks -for every line on paper, he’s ad libbing at least 2 or 3
  • Hillary on Bill’s speech: “I received the as-prepared version which I’m anxious…to compare to the as-delivered version.”
  • I think almost every Dem favors Clinton over Obama, but Clinton, ever the politician, knows his role.
  • One Denver school district is not allowing students to wear Peyton Manning jerseys because his number, among others, is gang related.
  • Something or you Halo fans
  • Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin fell in a pool.
  • If you fly Virgin America, you can register to vote while in flight.
  • I wonder how Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris would do in an MMA fight in their prime.
  • Ladies, if your guy paints your bedroom purple, there’s a reason.  Funny thing, but I think it was my idea to paint our bedroom sky blue.
  • I had one of my Indian friends tell me that the RNC opened the second day of their convention with a Sikh prayer.  I had no idea.
  • It looks like Amazon is going to get into the mobile phone market, and soon.
  • Michael Phelps had a heck of a retirement party.
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