Bag of Randomness

  • Thank goodness there was no Faith Hill in NBC’s broadcast last night, well, at least the open.  They snuck her in towards the end.
  • The Cowboys looked good beating the world champs, but lets tap the breaks . . . it’s a long season.  Let’s see how they are doing in late October when they and the rest of the league is wearing pink.
  • The Cowboys biggest weakness is still lack of discipline, and that’s evident by false starts and holding.
  • It was weird seeing Jerry Jones having someone else clean his glasses.
  • And here I thought the Cowboys weren’t gonna find anyone to fill the spot of Laurent Robinson, and here comes Kevin Ogletree.
  • The Cowboys are the most valuable NFL franchise at $2.1 billion.  Some folks say that Jerry made a good investment when he bought the team in 1989 for $140 million, but I think he did more than buy it, he built that franchise into what it’s worth today.  It’s just too bad it’s not worth more playoff wins.
  • I have a feeling the Rangers’ ratings weren’t very high last night.
  • An interesting tweet during Clinton’s speech last night by ABC News’ Karen Travers – Reading Clinton’s prepared remarks -for every line on paper, he’s ad libbing at least 2 or 3
  • Hillary on Bill’s speech: “I received the as-prepared version which I’m anxious…to compare to the as-delivered version.”
  • I think almost every Dem favors Clinton over Obama, but Clinton, ever the politician, knows his role.
  • One Denver school district is not allowing students to wear Peyton Manning jerseys because his number, among others, is gang related.
  • Something or you Halo fans
  • Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin fell in a pool.
  • If you fly Virgin America, you can register to vote while in flight.
  • I wonder how Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris would do in an MMA fight in their prime.
  • Ladies, if your guy paints your bedroom purple, there’s a reason.  Funny thing, but I think it was my idea to paint our bedroom sky blue.
  • I had one of my Indian friends tell me that the RNC opened the second day of their convention with a Sikh prayer.  I had no idea.
  • It looks like Amazon is going to get into the mobile phone market, and soon.
  • Michael Phelps had a heck of a retirement party.
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One Response to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    I think many of the many Cowboy penalties [which drove me crazy] were because the O-Line rarely practiced together during the pre-season. The center only arrived a week ago [?] from Miami.

    I think one of Clinton's gifts as a speaker is that once he gets the audience into it he moves from a speech into a conversation, which makes it easier to ad lib.

    They said on The Ticket this morning that the guy assigned to clean Jerry's glasses is his son-in-law.

    While Jerry made a great investment in his purchase of the Cowboys, you have to add the value of the new stadium and then subtract whatever he owes on that thing. I'd be curious how much additional income he brings from events versus his monthly operating, maintenance and loan payments. I understand that the high school districts pay $80,000 to rent it for a weekend. Would the business of renting out the stadium during the off-season be calculated into the value of the franchise?

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