2 Responses to U.S. Gun Manufacturing by Type

  1. Bird says:

    The spikes in gun production ('93, '94 & '09, '10) were both a year after the beginning of presidencys of Democrats and the year of the lowest production ('01) was a year after the beginning of a presidency perceived to be the most gun friendly. It would be easy to assume from this that any hint of gun control just enriches the gun industry and mobilizes that voter's bloc. Also, though I believe I understand the labeling, revolvers are pistols. Shouldn't the blue graphic be labeled semi-automatic pistols and the green revolvers?

  2. dan says:

    I agree with Bird's analysis. I believe gun stores and manufacturers do very well when a Democrat comes into the W.H. All the hoopla the NRA generates about Obama taking away guns creates a bonanza for gun sales. If congress cannot even ban the sale of guns to individuals on the government's terror watch list how is it they think Obama will be able to convince a Republican congress to take away everyone's guns? Last week Justice Scalia claimed that his reading of the Second Amendment covered an individual's right to own a bazooka. The NRA is now saying that Obama didn't introduce any gun-control during his first term because of a bizarre plot to spring a gun removal program in his second term.
    I would define a revolver as having the 6-chamber wheel cylinder, while pistols are semi-automatics loaded from a magazine.

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