Divorced almost 50 years ago, 85-year-old couple to remarry

There are all kinds of love stories, but few are as enduring and reaffirming and yes, even inspiring, as the tale of Lena Henderson and Roland Davis of West Seneca.

They are not, to be frank, your typical newlyweds, but when they join hands Saturday at the age of 85, there will be a sense of fulfillment, maybe even restoration, among the four generations on hand to see it happen.

This is their second time around – they married each other as teenagers but later divorced. And now, after nearly 50 years apart, they are marrying again. Their decision to do so will in many ways officially reunite Davis with the family he always loved.

“I always thought it might happen,” he said. “It was always in the back of my mind. We’re just thankful that we could get back together.”

Even more surprising than their age and separation … they divorced in 1964 … is the ease with which they came to their decision.

OK, there may have been a little nudge from their oldest daughter, Johnnie Mae Funderbirk, but they have always been friendly during their years apart.

Even after Davis remarried, Henderson would call and talk with his new wife, often providing counsel on how to deal with him.

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  1. This is so cute, true love will really find a way to reunite lovers who had been apart. Their story reminds me of the quote "if you love someone set him/her free for if you are really meant to be love will find it's way" such kind of stories makes my heart melt in a way. Hope marriage would be sweeter for them the second time around.

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