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  • For those of you that watched Hard Knocks last night, has anyone in the history of every tried to call their grandmother faster than Vontae Davis?  The guy was reaching for his phone even before Jeff Ireland finished the sentence in which he was telling him he was being traded.
  • I was at a Fidelity Investments branch the other day filling out paperwork to move a 401k to a rollover IRA.  Part of the paperwork included my middle initial, part of it didn’t.  When I was asked for my signature, knowing sometimes these things can be pretty particular, I asked if I needed to include my middle initial.  The reps reply, “If you want to, it’s W.”  I guess he was nervous and was trying to be overly kind, but I think I could have figured out the first initial of my middle name on my own.
  • This article states that although Lubbock may not be a city that values sex all that much, they are pretty friendly by tweeting standards.
  • Possible repost, but this would be a great place to watch a movie.
  • The Indian population (not the Native Americans, the ones from South Asia) is definitely growing in the U.S. and I wonder how engaged they are as a group with elections.  With rising GOP stars like South Carolina Gov Nikki Haley and Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal I wonder if they lean right.
  • I didn’t know an Idiocracy spinoff was in the works.
  • What Happened To 2001’s Budget Surplus?
  • Twitter No Longer Displays Which App Posted a Tweet 
  • Boy Wears Braces for 11 Years, Sues Orthodontist
  • ‘Avengers’ Alternate Opening – a flash forward
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    If you don't want to, it's Q.

  2. dan says:

    What happened to 2001's Budget Surplus??

    On Saturday, I was watching a Wall Street Journal economist give a talk about a book he just published on the federal budget and the debt problem, which is titled "Red Ink".

    He writes for a conservative paper and he said he does not provide a solution for the debt problem because he claimed there are many solutions out there to pick from, but he did say that any solution will come down to resolving just three issues:

    1) Revenue [there has to be a tax increase]; 2) defense spending [it has to come down]; and healthcare [it has to be controlled].

    One point he made was interesting. If we fired every single government employee in every single agency, to include Homeland Security, if we fired every border patrol agent, if we did away with all federal law enforcement, if we fired everyone, including the President's secretary, that would reduce only 40% of the deficit. And of course we would have no IRS to bring in revenue.

  3. Brokelyn says:

    I'm of Indian descent–you asked an interesting question. When I hear Jindal it makes me sick and it made me wonder if Indian-Americans leaned right. I haven't seen polls, but I'd say that Indians, in general, are religious and culturally conservative people and so the right's greater identification with religion may influence them to a greater degree. Also, first generation Indians have lived in a country of great poverty and a poor social safety net. The greater emphasis on social safety nets of the left are probably of less interest to these first generation Indians. I wouldn't say that the skew was as noticeable as the black Democratic skew, however, because in my experience it seems that second generation Indian-Americans (those who were raised here and went to school here) are as diverse in their political and social views as the US population.

    As always, thanks for (Bag of) Nothing, Keith.

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