Bag of Randomness

  • I always feel like I’m in the middle of confusion when trying to state an upcoming day of the week.  For instance, when someone says “next Friday” and “this Friday”.  Some folks think that “next Friday” means the closest Friday, but I’ve always taken it to mean the Friday after this coming Friday because in order to have a “next Friday” you first have to acknowledge the Friday before it.
  • The same thing occurs when I hear someone talk about turning the air conditioning up or down.  Some folks, when they want it to be cooler, will say “turn the air up” but you have to set the temperature down to a lower level.
  • I recently discovered that Tommy Lee Jones is playing Gen Douglas MacArthur in the movie Emperor that will be released later this year.  I’ve been a big fan of MacArthur from a historical/military perspective as my father told me he actually got to be present at some of his speeches, and I would live to visit the MacArthur Memorial and Museum in Norfolk, but find it fascinating that this movie actually starts at the end of the surrender of Japan.
  • An Oklahoma valedictorian from a high school with a Red Devil mascot is unable to get her diploma for college because in her graduation speech she said hell.
  • Olivia Munn, the most recent addition to my Half-Asian Hall of Fame, was on Letterman last night.  When she shared the story of her mother dropping her off at elementary school and speaking Vietnamese and realizing no other parent was doing the same, she won my heart.
  • A dog leash with a built in water bowl.
  • Find out how many fake followers you have on Twitter, I found only only 66% of my followers are legit or still active.
  • This is a list of 24 things you aren’t suppose to be able to view on GoogleMaps.  Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany is on the list, but I was able to bring it up just fine and zoom in pretty darn close without any problems.
  • This Electoral Map has Obama winning the election, but I thought that Pennsylvania was widely predicted to go to Romney because of the new voter ID law.
  • Labor Day Supposedly Has the Year’s Biggest Shopping Discounts
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  1. C. Pham says:

    You should look up Marcel Nguyen. Half German and half Vietnamese from Germany who competed in the most recent Olympic.

  2. bpat says:

    the 24 things you are not supposed to be able to view on google maps link is the twitter link

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