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  • I think Romney is getting some bad campaign advice as of late.  The Republicans have complained for the last four years that the country needs a president that’s not a professor (which Obama once was) but needs a business man.   Yet yesterday Romney was in front of the press writing on a whiteboard trying to explain the difference between his Medicare plan and Obama’s plan.
  • I think it’s good strategy for Romney’s team to pounce on Biden for his “chains” remarks, but they should shy away from saying the Obama campaign is one of hate.  That might fire up the base, but those accusations will turn independents, they are smarter than that.
  • Democrats have been very critical of Romney only willing to show two years of his tax returns.  I don’t think Romney wants to go the “birther” route, but I would advise him to challenge the president to show his college transcripts, and once that happens, he would show more tax returns.
  • What does Obama’s college transcripts have to do with the birther argument?  Many claim Obama filled out college paperwork stating he wasn’t a U.S. citizen in college so he would be eligible for more scholarships and financial aid.
  • There, I fixed the Romney campaign, and I don’t even plan on voting for the guy.
  • I didn’t know that 95% of all newspapers use a soy based ink or that pens/pencils/markers are a $4.8 billion industry.  More ink facts here.
  • I can never remember the domain names for our local television news stations, so I just type in their call sign letters which redirects me to their website.
  • A Coppell eleven-year-old girl sang the national anthem at an FC Dallas soccer game in horrible fashion and she’s been made fun on the Internet ever since.  KTVT had an updated segment on her about how she isn’t going to let the negativity get her down and how she was on a local radio station singing (horribly, again, I might add) and even got an email from Christina Aguilera.  It obvious and scary how her parents keep pushing her in the spotlight.  Interesting tidbit, she was a student at WifeGeeding’s elementary school, even though she wasn’t a student in WifeGeeding’s class.  In kindergarten she use to wear lipstick to school, and when the teachers tried to get her to remove it, her parents defended her right to wear lipstick in kindergarten even though it was a distraction to other students.
  • Last year my Favorite East Coast Pastor lived in NYC, as well as SisterGeeding.  As of yesterday, neither live in NYC and now I know no one in that city.
  • What Earth looks like from Mars
  • It was nice to see Ricardo Perry make a comment again,  I giggle everytime I see that user name.
  • After three years apart, two gorilla brothers embrace in hugs and celebration.
  • Dogs Can Shake 70% of the Water from Their Fur in 4 Seconds, Here’s How
  • A calculator that shows you how much to tip a friend when he or she helps you move.
  • I’m not a Steelers fan, but it’s great how one player donated money so kids won’t have to pay to play sports.
  • Part of the Keystone Pipeline will be going through east Texas, and one resident isn’t very comfortable with the idea.
  • If the population of a city had one square mile per resident
  • A beautiful time-lapse of Paris
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