Bag of Randomness

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Keith, please go check out Walter Wink's teaching on Jesus' third way which he calls "assertive non violence." There's an introductive video that precedes this link, but this one starts with "turning the other cheek."
    In my opinion, it's a far better interpretation of Jesus' teaching on responding to injustice than what has been traditionally understood.
    I happen to think the kiss-a-partner event that had been talked about for Friday is a much more Jesus-like display than what happened yesterday.

    • Geeding says:

      Ah yes, I'm very familiar with how misunderstood "turning the other cheek" is in Christian culture . . . that one has to understand it more from a cultural and time setting perspective, and that Jesus wasn't teaching about being a pacifist, but teaching how to take the power of humiliation away from the one who is offending. Actually, it's one of the big things that bugs me most about Christians and how they misunderstand this verse. I had a feeling someone was going to point me out on this, but when posting that blurb from American Jesus I liked the overall heart of the message and for brevity left out explaining what turning the other cheek actually means. Interestingly enough, but I learned this from a Baptist pastor who stated it was his "pet peeve" of the Bible.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hear you. I almost didn't even post my comment because I liked the heart of the American Jesus blurb too!

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