And Male Teachers Were Assumed to be the Perverts

I’m always a bit fascinated by the story of the female high school teacher that gets sexually involved with a student, and I guess that’s because it’s always been assumed that it’s the male teacher can’t be trusted and such things are just high school male fantasy lore.  The public perception has always been that the female teacher is the more mature and responsible one when it came to dealing with the opposite sex, and that it would be preposterous for a female teacher to get involved with a student, that’s it’s nothing but just a young male’s fantasy.  Heck, you really never hear of male teachers taking advantage of students . . . I mean, you do, but not to the extend that you hear about female teachers having relations with their male students.

My blogging friend Barry over at has a good bit on his website where he keeps track of such female educator indiscretions, I guess it’s his service to the public.

I can’t decide if  . . .

A. Female teachers have always taken advantage of their male students and were not getting caught.

B. Female teachers have been taking advantage of their male students, have been caught, bit the story was not made public.

C. Stories of male teachers taking advantage of female students aren’t getting reported.

D. This is a fairly new thing.

E. Or something else.

Anywho, below is a list of articles my friend Barry (at least I hope I can call him a friend) has posted that involve female teachers getting involved with male students.  I did my best to edit out any updates, and some are missing because he’s included them in his Daily Thoughts (highly similar to Bag of Randomness).  I’m referencing it because it’s the only ‘definitive’ source I can find that tracks such things.

Most of this all came to mind because of the latest and craziest story of the year regarding this topic.

2012 2011
And Another – Oregon And Another
And Another – Colorado And Another (Amarillo)
And Another – Fort Worth And Another
And Another – Indiana And Another
And Another – Neveda And Another
And Another – New York And Another
And Another (From NY Post Yesterday) And Another
And Another – Arizona And Another
And Another – New Jersey And Another
And Another – Oklahoma And Another (aka “Hey, Now”)
And Another And Another: From Kennedale
And Another
And Another: Oklahoma
And Another
And Another – Texas
And Another – Florida
And Another – Florida
And Another
And Another: Houston
And Another – California
And Another – Colorado
And Another
And Another (Louisiana)
2011 “And Another” Winners (3)

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  1. click here says:

    As per the current reports, the assumption that male teachers take advantage of the female students is dropping and you have discussed a nice point here. The exploitation by the female ones is being reported nowadays and my concern is that how the media responds to it.

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