Woke up this morning with a call from the bank

Someone got a hold of our credit card . . .

I believe those Wal-Marts are in Azle and Wichita Falls.

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3 Responses to Woke up this morning with a call from the bank

  1. B_Caesar says:

    Might want to check your windows and make sure BoyGeeding isn't sneaking out at night already… 😉

    Seriously, though – not cool.

  2. George says:

    That sucks! Sorry!

  3. Wendell says:

    I was sitting in the truck on a Sunday morning about 3 months ago waiting for W-spouse to apply the "look pretty paint and paste" stuff before church and I received a phone call. They proceeded to ask me if I had made a purchase. Yes. Another at so and so. Yes……..and then so and so store in Missouri. No. another in Missouri. No. And three more. All , no. Took a few days to get the money back, card was cancelled immediately. PITB it was. What was weird is that a guy I work with(we share the same banking institution) had his done the same way at the same time and the same stores. Both also were charged over $300 in diesel fuel at the same truck stop at nearly the same time. Sorry for the long rant.

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