When I can’t sneeze, I look at the sun or a bright light

That’s why this article caught my attention:

Does the sun make you sneeze? It’s not just you

Sometimes, a funny thing happens when Dr. Roberta Pagon looks directly into the sun. She sneezes. Not just once though, but usually three times.

She’s not the only one in her family who sneezes when sunlight hits their face — two of her children also react by sneezing three times in a row. And now a grandchild does it, but only sneezes once.

Odd coincidence? Not really, says Pagon, a pediatrician in the division of genetic medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital. This tendency to sneeze at sunlight is known as the “photic sneeze reflex,” and it’s hereditary.
Not only is there a genetic basis for “sun sneezing,” Pagon says the number of times people sneeze in response to light also appears to run in families.

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