The Implied Message

A version of this David Dewhurst commercial attacking Ted Cruz has been running almost nonstop. It’s basically saying Cruz is lying about how he denies that he was Counsel of Record for some Chinese company; and that’s nothing new, politicians always accuse their opponents of lying and distorting the truth. Since this commercial is aimed at conservatives, heck, Texas conservatives, which means Christian conservatives, the middle part of the commercial is implying that he lied while speaking on the altar, and that just stands out to me. Anywho, just an observation.

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2 Responses to The Implied Message

  1. jdroll says:

    Seems as if it's on during every break. Yet Dewhurst talks about the balanced budget here in Texas and we're not even under a balanced budget now. They intentionally moved part of what they're spending so it will be paid for with the next biennium's budget.

  2. Ben says:

    Seems like another good argument for separation of church and state. Not sure why a church needs to have a politician up on its platform talking about political issues. A politician, or any other public figure, wants to get up and talk about his faith? No problem. But I'm not sure how a discussion of Cruz's faith would include the phrase "I'm not the lead lawyer on it."

    Also, I'm not sure exactly how the "equal time" campaign laws go, but I'm pretty sure if that church allowed Cruz time to speak on political matters and did not offer Dewhurst equal time, they are in danger of losing their tax-exempt status. It's simple, churches – stay out of politics. It's simple, politics – stay out of churches.

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