Bag of Randomness

  • While watching the U.S. Olympic swimming trials last night I noticed some gal from Cal that had the Olympics rings as a tramp stamp.
  • There was a time lapse of the pool being built in Omaha, it was pretty neat and similar to this.
  • Pictures of what Beijing’s Water Cube looks like today, it’s one heck of a water park.
  • While flipping channels I saw that Flo Jo’s daughter was trying out for America’s Got Talent.  I had no idea that Flo Jo’s record in the 100 and 200 meters still stand, and I always thought that one-legged track suit was pretty cool for the 80’s.
  • Almost equal blame and credit I guess – In the 51 years since President Kennedy took the oath of office, Republicans have had 28 years in the White house; Democrats have had 23.
  • Senator Marco Rubio was on The Daily Show last night and had a tough interview with Stewert.  Overall I thought Rubio came off as very polished and intelligent, but it appears he was wearing a hair piece.
  • I bet most folks in large cities aren’t willing to give a small church a chance, that is, they want something that seems established and legit.  And by small, I guess less then 100 in worship attendance.
  • I’m always a bit fascinated by those trial sketches used in news segments.
  • Ed Bark is reporting that Tammy Dombeck is more than likely moving to CBS 11.  With Gina Miller and Tammy Dombeck at CBS 11, they will corner the market on young women with unnecessary face lifts.
  • Some details of season three of The Walking Dead.
  • For those that really want to escape it all – Self-sufficient, environmentally friendly artificial floating island up for sale
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8 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Andy says:

    I grew up in the Dallas area, and except for my college days, I've always lived in the suburbs. Big churches are the only ones I'll attend right now. I would feel extremely uncomfortable and self-conscious in a small church. I'd be the outsider whom the regulars were supposed to come over and greet to make me feel "comfortable," even though the effect would be the opposite. I prefer large churches where no one notices when I'm gone except the friends I sit with every week, and the pastor doesn't know my name. Less pressure that way. Some friends of mine got kicked out of their small church when the pastor discovered something they did that conflicted with his beliefs. No thanks, especially considering my minority positions on many issues. Plus, I'm not at church to meet new people. Talking to strangers = stress and effort with minimal benefit. I'm at church to…hmm…well, right now I go to church out of habit and because my wife and kids enjoy it. Yeah, yeah, I'm a bad Christian, but at least I'm honest. =)

  2. David Bryant says:

    "I bet most folks in large cities aren’t willing to give a small church a chance, that is, they want something that seems established and legit. And by small, I guess less then 100 in worship attendance." I think this is a little vague. From what I read 'church planting' is exploding around the country. These are the smallest of churches yet they are growing in popularity. I think that can be related to the fact that their initial growth comes from personal one-on-one invites. If I can go with a friend, I think a smaller church would be a better option. However, if I am driving around the neighborhood looking for a place to attend, I think the larger church might have more of an appeal since it would be easier to 'hide'.

    So, I think it would be more accurate to say that people make a visit by themselves would probably be more comfortable with a larger church, but people that are personally invited would probably be as comfortable in a large or small environment since they have someone to hide behind.

    • Geeding says:

      Perhaps your right that I was too vague in that blurb, but the initial thought came to me when I was driving in older neighborhoods and saw several 'small' churches that were built maybe 50 plus years ago. Those churches reminded me of my church back in my small town, and brought back memories of the closeness of the congregation. I know there is quite a bit of church planning, many of those churches don't even have a physical building and either rent places out or meet in homes, but I tend to think those are successful because those personal invites are coming from trusted friends/family. But I still think if you moved to DFW from out of state and no nothing of the area, you are probably more apt to visit a large church (not necessarily a mega church) than the older and smaller ones I stated or one of those small emerging churches you referenced.

      But if any church wanted to grow, all they need to do is offer communion every Sunday and replace the bread with crispy bacon.

  3. Jonathan Cliff says:

    Small is in. Even the rise of "Satellite Campuses" splitting off from Large Churches, is part of the desire to be smaller. Small is in.

    Just not in Dallas as it relates to women's hair.

  4. Gracie says:

    After reading your bullet point in Bag of Randomness, I watched the entire Marco Rubio Daily Show interview. I like Rubio's style and civility. I find that I can listen to him with an open mind. I want to understand both sides. However, like Stewart, I feel we live in a different universe.

    The Republicans cry of 'victim' is simply disingenuous. Rubio said they are not allowed to amend Bills. Stewart points out that their strategy is to add totally unrelated amendments just to hold up the process – obstructionism. And today, I read "Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), is trying to attach an anti-choice amendment to the Senate’s flood insurance bill. " The only logical reason for attempting this maneuver would be to hold up the flood bill as a form of obstruction thereby not allowing the Democrats to accomplish anything worthwhile for this country. While that may be an effective political strategy for the Republicans, it is destroying our country.

    Republicans are acting dishonorably. Their behavior is poison to our democracy. If this is the ONLY way they can win the majority, it is a clue they have no effective ideas or solutions.

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