Bag of Randomness

  • Many thanks to my friend Bone for taking me to the Rangers game last night.  Random thoughts about last night:
    • During the national anthem, I notice most of the folks working the concessions stopped working and placed their hand over their heart.
    • Our seats were on the lower level but was the very, very last row.  Even though we couldn’t see all the way up or see the video boards, the best part was being in the shade on a 100 degree day and not having anyone behind us.  But one major drawback, and I’m sure BoN reader Ron/Rob (who was nice enough to introduced himself at the game and was on the same row) can verify, is that they squeezed that last row in and you loose at least four inches of leg room compared to the other rows.
    •  Their was an annoying family sitting in front of us.  My guess, it was a young married couple with both sets of parents.  The guy looked like a dead ringer for a Chris Chris.  For instance, he wore a Rangers t-shirt, but wore a long sleeve button up shirt over it on a 100 degree day.
    • I’m guessing one set of parents were divorced as each sat on opposing ends.
    • The entire family had hand held water mist fans . . . when they weren’t busy playfully misting each other, they were misting themselves, and hitting the people behind them.  Normally that wouldn’t bother me, but I think I was getting mist that first hit them and them me.
    • The girl in front of me had a very long pony tail, and since we lost several inches in leg room, her hair kept hitting my legs as she kept turning her head.  At one point I asked her if I could buy her a beer (she had three) if she would be more careful.
    • Several of her hair strands fell into my Coke.
    • For you Rangers fans on Twitter that appreciate some funny fake Tom Grieve humor, check out @shoutout_tag
  • I bet folks in their teens and twenty’s who watch The Simpsons and see those Itchy and Scratchy segments have no idea that it’s a reference towards Tom and Jerry.
  • The Supreme Court should rule that the Individual Mandate in Obamacare is unconstitutional this week.  That ruling will directly affect my job, heck, maybe even my overall employment.
  • With this week’s ruling along with a very slow to recover economy (including a major gaffe that will be played nonstop in swing states -“the private sector is doing fine”) an Obama victory would take a miracle.  FOX News can go ahead and start ordering the Champagne for Nov 6 – MSNBC should start stocking up on the Kleenex and Xanax.
  • I caught the first episode of The Newsroom last night on HBO.  I love Aaron Sorkin dialogue and thought casting was very strong.  It had similarities to The West Wing, such as long shots with walking dialogue.  When Sorkin started The West Wing there was a Democratic president and then a Republican won the next election, history looks like it will repeat itself.
  • I watched The Count of Monte Cristo this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was hard not to see the similarities with it and Les Misérables.  After all, both take place in France in 1815 and have the theme of redemption from prison and taking on a new identity.  It turns out Les Misérables was published in 1862 and The Count in 1844.  Heck, I would almost say The Shawshank Redemption is a modern day adaptation.
  • For all you Baylor folks, you should watch The Count just to support the director who is an alumnus.
  • I know a new version of Les Misérables is going to hit theaters soon, but I really liked the 1998 version  Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush, Uma Thurman, and Claire Danes.  And I think this five-minute scene shows the best example of grace ever given in cinema.
  • Don’t grope a woman with martial arts skills, especially one with 18 years worth of practice and comes from a family that owns a martial arts academy.
  • Why do YouTube views freeze at 301?
  • Ducks deliver nursing home’s mail
  • Why Does 60-Degree Water Feel Colder Than 60-Degree Air?
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  1. dan says:

    Taking the long view, I think viewership levels will increase for Fox with the Democrats in power and visa versa for MSNBC. If the Republicans take the White House and both houses of congress [they already own the Supreme Court] FOX commentators have very few directions to vent their hatred and anger. There is really more fuel and program material when the enemy controls the government. LIkewise, of course, for MSNBC. With a Republican sweep, MSNBC will be working overtime diagramming how "to take back the country" and analyzing every Republican hiccup and miscue. For a talkling head it's easier to attack than to defend.

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