Bag of Randomness

  • It only cost me a Frosty – WifeGeeding attended a wedding at the Arboretum on Saturday night and a friend was nice enough to hang out with me that evening as I took care of the kiddos.  When it was time for their bedtime, he was nice enough to feed our youngest as I bathed the eldest and read her a bedtime story.  That little act of grace of his was extremely helpful.
  • Never made sense to me – Outdoor weddings in Texas during the summer months, unless you want you and all your guests to sweat off about ten pounds.
  • In the latest episode of Dallas on TNT, JR told his son, “John Ross, never pass up a good opportunity to shut up” – I attended a surprise birthday party for WifeGeeding’s aunt on Saturday afternoon at the home of one of her children.  At one point the name of the current president popped up and one of the hosts said, “Well, if anyone is voting for Obama, you can leave now.”  It wouldn’t have benefited anyone if I said anything, even in a jovial manner because as well intended any message could be, one thing could lead to another and get out of hand.  And besides, the afternoon wasn’t my moment and wasn’t about politics, but it was for one woman and her family.  But I wish things didn’t have to be so diversive in our country.
  • It was inevitable – I got sprayed by BoyGeeding on Saturday night, and it was at a moment when that normally wouldn’t happen.  He’s a sneaky little fella.
  • I wonder what he got for Fathers’ Day – Kirk Gibson skipped his son’s high school graduation to manage his baseball team and stated that he didn’t attend because you are suppose to graduated.  I get what he’s saying, and I’m one of those that think we congratulate graduating high school seniors a bit too much because like Gibson said, it’s what you are suppose to do.  But when I look back at my life I remember my father not being at my graduation because he had a heart attack three days prior . . . and I’d give anything for him to be there so I could thank him for pushing me all those years.
  • So what if it was a text to the masses – A few friends sent happy Fathers’ Day wishes via text, and I appreciated the sentiment even if it wasn’t personalized.
  • Those Disney Imagineers are amazing at creating those hidden Mickeys – Mickey Mouse Spotted On Mercury!
  • At least we got a free meal out of it – We went to Cracker Barrel for Fathers’ Day dinner and I had to send my meal back twice.  All I ordered was a grilled chicken sandwich.  When it was first delivered to me, it was a fried chicken sandwich, the second time they forgot toast my bread which was making for a very soggy sandwich. #fistworldproblems
  • It didn’t happen in my day – The big music hit of the summer is Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”  It’s about a girl giving a guy her phone number.  I’m guessing girls are bolder today than when I was younger.
  • He was like a modern day Nostradamus that wrote fiction – Ray Bradbury Predictions Fulfilled
  • Let’s see if they are as good as Ray Bradbury – The Future (According to Films) [infographic]
  • It’s like being part of the band – The wristbands that Coldplay hands out for the concerts make those in attendance be part of an interactive display via radio signal and help makes for some dazzling scenery.
  • Surreal – This would be an awesome place to visit.
  • This might come in handy – A giant Post-It note table
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  1. B_Caesar says:

    Interesting mashup of the concepts of "divisive" and "diverse" into a single word – "diversive".

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