Bag of Randomness

  • A few weddings are coming up and WifeGeeding wanted to go dress shopping at Stonebriar Centre Mall in Frisco.  To allow her some freedom, I fed BoyGeeding sitting in a chair in an open area where I took this picture.  Instead of putting my phone back in my pocket, I played the role of an idiot and left it on the arm of the chair when WifeGeeding decided it was time to check out the food court.  This time I told her I would help GirlGeeding finish up eating and she can take the stroller with BoyGeeding and I would just call or catch up with her later.  Gulp.
  • About ten minutes passed since WifeGeeding left and I realized my phone was gone.  With GirlGeeding in tow I retraced my steps to no avail, and then found a mobile phone store where I used a display model to call WifeGeeding, who has this rule not to answer a number she recognizes, so I left a voicemail to find us at the food court.
  • After about a 25-minutes or so and having to help a newly potty-trained GirlGeeding, WifeGeeding appears and tells me she got a text and a voicemail from an employee at the Macy’s bridal department who found my found, which was a bit funny since my phone was left outside of JC Penny’s.  We make our way to retrieve my phone and got to thank the Macy’s employee in person.  She refused to take an award, and we asked if she worked on commission so we could buy something, but that also wasn’t an option.  All she asked was that we try to shop at Macy’s more often, but I did make sure to send a very nicely worded letter full of praise to Macy’s for having such an employee.
  • We also spent time this weekend looking for a larger and family friendlier vehicle.  I was surprised to find that the Buick Enclave and a few other GM vehicles now store the battery inside the vehicle behind the passenger seat with the goal of trying to protect the batter from harsh heat and cold.  You can still jump from the hood, but I wonder if the heat inside during he summer is worst than being under the hood.
  • Wisconsin is holding an election to recall the governor this week.  What I find strange about this election is that half the funds for the candidates have come from outside the state, which makes me question the importance of states’ rights with this much outside influence.
  • The official Diamond Jubilee portrait is pretty cool, and I love this picture of Buckingham palace on the first night.
  • A bit surprising, but per this Forbes article, Sears is the largest seller of fitness-related products.
  • An update on a story I posted about a few weeks ago: Charges dropped against honor student jailed for truancy
  • This is so cool I may have to build my son one some day in the future: AT AT Bunk Bed
  • A website that lets Facebook friends send each other friend-funded gift cards – DropGifts
  • Mad Men dolls
  • President Obama wrote a note to a kid’s teacher excusing him from class.  He should have started it, “Please ‘pardon’ . . .”
  • Great pictures of a beautiful abandoned church that was turned into a book store.  Heck, at one point during reconstruction they found a skeleton.
  • Tempting picture of the day that may or may not be real – picture of the man that had his face chewed off in Miami
  • Real Life Zombie-Outbreak-Timeline in the News
  • 8 Interesting International Tripoints Worldwide
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