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  • A doughnuts infographic that even tackles the correct spelling.  Happy National Donut Day btw.
  • A California high school pitcher who happens to be a junior had one of the most dominate performances in baseball history with 20 strikeouts in 6 and 2/3 innings.  He was removed with one inning remaining to make way for a senior pitcher because the home finale also served as senior day. (hat-tip, Barry)
  • Former President GW Bush had a pretty funny line at his portrait revealing yesterday asking the current First Lady to save the painting should anything like a fire happen, just like Dolly Madison did with the original George W(ashington)’s painting.  And this summarized version Laura Bush’s quote gave me a nice chuckle, “It was nice of you to allow the Bush’s back into the White House to hang up a few family portraits.  Nothing makes a house a home like having portraits of its former occupants staring down at you.”
  • George H.W. Bush loves rocking some colorful socks as of late.
  • Here’s a great way to reuse a squeezable ketchup bottle – fill it up with pancake batter.
  • 35 Worst Highways in the U.S. – Only two Texas mentions, one in Austin and the other in DFW.
  • Here’s an interesting Apple read with a bit of a Mad Men twist.  Steve Jobs wanted to name the original iMac, MacMan, somewhat like what Sony did with the Walkman and it’s line of music players, and he even rejected the name “iMac”.  Check out the back story and how Jobs’ mind was changed here.
  • A funny screengrab from the last Mad Men where you can see they made copies of their rear-ends on the copier.  I guess it’s part of the creative process.
  • A great way to apply hot sauce.
  • Another use for toothpaste – to hang a picture.
  • Adult toys are becoming more common place at places like Target and your local pharmacy, so keep your kids distracted.
  • A map of NYC based on rappers origins
  • For the bracelet wearing folks – use scotch tape to help you out.
  • A few thoughts about former Senator John Edwards and what transpired yesterday regarding these excerpts from his speech on the courthouse steps:
    • “While I do not believe I did anything illegal, or ever thought I was doing anything illegal, I did an awful, awful lot that was wrong. There is no one else responsible for my sins. … I am responsible. If I want to find the person that should be held accountable for my sins, honestly, I don’t have to go any further than the mirror. It’s me. It is me and me alone.” 

      He said these words with his elderly parents and his oldest daughter by his side.  It’s  gotta be humbling, humiliating, and heart wrenching for your sins to play out in front of them.  But at the same time, it’s gotta to great to have loved ones stand by your side when you are at your most vulnerable and weakest moment.  Even though many will say those words above are empty or just for show, I think it shows him finally taking ownership and responsibility for his immoral actions.

    • “I also want to say a word about my own children. Cate, who most all of you have seen, has been here every single day … no matter how awful and painful a lot of the evidence was for her. … But she never once flinched. She said, ‘Dad, I love you. I’ll be there for you no matter what.’ ”His daughter Cate must be full of grace considering what he did to her mother as she was dying of cancer.  Throughout this trial the cameras always located her, but she was always there with her dad having to hear some awful truths about him.

    • “I don’t think God’s through with me. I really believe he thinks there’s still some good things I can do.Through repentance comes forgiveness.  I’m sure most folks will just think these are empty words to get some credibility and his career back on track, but I guess after you’ve been humiliated in public and have lost your wife and have wrecked your career, all you have is your faith.  Only he and God knows the sincerity behind his words.

      I’m not defending the guy.  I’m hugely disappointed in him, but I am fascinated at what it must be like to have everything you tried to hide come out and everyone see the real person you are, and then somehow continue to go on living.  It all kind of reminds me of Les Misérables.  Some folks will say his church should throw him out, but I think there’s not better time to minister to someone then when they are at their lowest.

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    On the highways, there's also a Houston one listed right after DFW at #6. 🙂

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