Bag of Randomness

  • Many thanks to BibleScholarGeorge, who in his day job is a grand dragon of software engineering, for cleaning up the redesign of
  • One of my readers is a pastor in Connecticut.  Another reader is a pastor on the Llano Estacado.  Both of them has got to know each other because of this little blog, and will actually meet each other at a conference in Atlanta.
  • You never really realize how loud a computer fan is until it stops.
  • The computer that I upgraded my video card on is now kaput in another area, which means it’s dead.  It’s located in the home office along with an HP color all in one unit, printer/copier/scanner/fax.  It was an old PC, running XP, that I just used to surf on instead of surfing on my work computer, and it contained the HP software to run all functions of the HP printer.  Since that PC is now dead, I installed the HP software on my laptop running Windows 7, only to discover that it’s not compatible. I can still print and all, but can’t use the scanner or fax from the computer.  HP’s website says there isn’t going to be any update to fix the compatibility issue, but offers a ‘trade-in’ program if I want a new printer.
  • Waiting for a “you should buy a Mac” comment in three, two, one . . .
  • The Rangers fans love Yu Darvish, but it’s interesting to see the camera operators try to find as many Asians as they can when he’s pitching.  I might show up at his next home start in hopes of getting on TV.
  • Here’s a touching story that will make you appreciate the American dream.  Well, if you are American.  Refugees are coming to America, and before the trip they get a five day crash course of what it’s like to live over here.  The video in this story show them getting off the plane to a cold Syracuse day and being greeting with jackets.  Heck, you even see the concept of a cabinet being foreign to them, but the most interesting part of the video was the crowd trying to learn how to use the toilet, and one man thinking he needed to put his feet on the seat and squat.  It almost reminded me of learning how to use this toilet when I was in Vietnam.
  • I encourage WifeGeeding to take the kids and visit her parents.  The one thing I wish I could see is my kid interacting with my parents, but that’s not going to happen since both are deceased.  It’s good for the kids to interact with them, and I know my in-laws must enjoy being around them.  And I bet they are happy when they leave in a few days.
  • Will Ferrell had a funny tweet yesterday day that said something to the effect that he wonders if the girls on the show “16 and Pregnant” will be on “32 and Grandma”.
  • Kids today are mixing hand sanitizer and mouthwash to get drunk.  Per this report, a bottle of hand sanitizer is the equivalent of five hard alcohol shots.
  • The last surgery of Dick Clark’s life sounds painful when you read about it – third paragraph from the bottom.
  • If your name is Don Draper, you can get a free hotel room at HoJo.  There is currently about 249 men with that name in the U.S.
  • Speaking of Mad Men, and this really isn’t a spoiler, but we learn this season that the year is 1966 and Don Draper turns 40.  So if he were alive today, he would be 86 years old.  I find this a bit interesting because I heard the creator of series state the last episode would probably show Don Draper in modern day.
  • Something you won’t see in Texas anytime soon: Californians to vote on abolishing the death penalty
  • The world’s largest McDonald’s is being built for the Olympics, it will have 1500 seats.
  • Victoria’s Secret back in the 70’s
  • An armless drummer
  • Mexico City Now Lets You Trade Trash For Food
  • MLB stadium beer price
  • Johnny Depp dressed as Tonto
  • Only six people in the world are rich enough to swim like Scrooge McDuck.
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  1. Mtoots says:

    WifeGeeding's parents were delighted with the surprise visit! Well….we are STILL delighted……and enjoying ALL of them so much!!!

  2. Jonathan Cliff says:

    Rev. Hart tried to drink me under the table, but I rallied up all my Texas power and finished him off!

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