Bag of Randomness

  • Yup, you’re looking at a slightly redesigned
    • It’s a bit cleaner, with a minimalist twist, kinda like it was Apple inspired.
    • A different and larger font, which I hope makes it easier to read.
    • Titles of each entry are still a dark red.
    • The main body is wider, which will allow for bigger pics and videos.
    • A new banner I can’t decide if I want to keep.  I’m still working on some coding (which I’m not good at) so there’s no white borders around it.
    • The side borders are now gray instead of blue, but I think I may go back to a gradient blue.
    • The ‘About’ page has been updated.
    • The ‘Contact’ page is now actually functional.
    • The ‘HAHOF’ has a new member.
    • A calendar was added on the sidebar for anyone that wants to look at past entries, but you can still you the search feature that has always been there.
    • It’s still a work in progress, but I’m welcome to any comments or suggestions you have.
    • There’s no telling how many of you just check out this blog by RSS feeds, so all of this might just mean a whole bag of nothing for you.
  • My video card went out on my PC.  Before opening the case up and buying a new card, it took a bit of trouble shooting just to make sure, like making sure the problem is not the monitor by hooking the monitor to another PC, as well making sure the culprit isn’t something as a loose or bad cord.  Turns out my PC is a bit old, and it’s hard to find a PCI video card, as most are not PCIe, and I found most video cards now have a fan on them.  It turns out Fry’s only had two PCI video cards on stock, and it cost me about $55.  If I had the patience to wait to get one in the mail, I could have saved about $20.
  • No Mad Men spoilers, but last night’s show just had a weird vibe to it.
  • 10 Signs You Were a Christian Kid in the 90s
  • FOX News misquotes Obama and other news organizations run with it.
  • My guess is that Ohio Senator Rob Portman will be Romney’s VP pick.  Ohio is a must win state, he has economy and budget credential from when he served in W’s administration, and I don’t think he’ll upstage Romney like Palin did McCain.
  • Yup, a Lamborghini SUV, and here WifeGeeding wants to start looking at minivans.
  • The French presidential election process is interesting and can consist of two election rounds.  This year, in the first round, all eight candidates participate.  If someone finishes with 50%, election over, but not, the top two candidates fight it off in the second round.
  • Canada launches a government-backed digital currency
  • Is there a browser that has a “Palin” filter, I’d be willing to invest funds in such a venture.
  • Robin Gibb is one heck of a fighter – colon cancer, liver cancer, pneumonia that put him in a coma, and now he’s talking to his relatives.
  • My first experience of a family death occurred 25 years ago today, my grandmother on my father’s side.  She died in California and was buried here in Texas.  There was a flight delay, and she was literally late for her own funeral.
  • Perhaps I should have invested in this robotic lawn mower.
  • Per this hotel design, each balcony is a small glass pool.
  • KTVT had a segment about a business that operates an anger room.  Basically, for $25 bucks, you get five minutes in a room to destroy stuff with a bat or whatever.  It’s a bit silly, but not that bad of a business idea, I can see a lot of folks giving the gift of a gift certificate to that place.
  • I recently noticed the word “anger” is in the word “danger.”
  • I think I may end all future Bag of Randomness with “Keith, you’ve hurt more people than you know” as a reminder to myself to strive my best to make the people I encounter happier.  But then again, me leaving them might just make them happier.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Gaylin says:

    I like the new layout!
    And you have never hurt me . . .

  2. George says:

    The #header "padding: 0;" css directive in style.css at line 1364 is causing the top of the page to collapse.
    It's overriding the style at line 339 where the 30px padding is defined.

    Also, the last line of your BoR has a factual error. Instead of "leaving them" you mean "running from my problems." Unless you really do want lose longtime friends I'd suggest truthfully and honestly attempting to figure out what your part is/was and making amends, if you had no part then offer forgiveness. Either way, I think it's ruining your BoR- which I really enjoy.

  3. Jonathan Cliff says:

    Wait. You still have an actual PC? Like with a floppy drive?

    And you've gotta fix that header. It's not good. Have you considered some plugins that direct people to similar pages?

  4. Andy B says:

    Brother, regarding the last bullet point, I think the only person you'll be hurting is yourself. Treat people well, yes, but don't take ownership of their happiness. That's their job.

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