Bag of Randomness

  • I really have to get better at changing my air filters.  If only Google would create some sort of free calendar application that I could use to put reminders in to do such a thing.
  • While at Wal-Mart yesterday I was in the garden center buying some top soil, only to find out that no one was in the area available for checkout, so I had to haul all top soil to the check out area and then back to my car, which was parked out side the garden center.
  • Back in July 2008 when I worked as a consultant for Southwest Airlines, their CEO along with 11 other airline CEOs asked us in an email to go to a website to enter some contact information that would generate a letter to our representatives in Washington asking them to curb oil speculation.  Here’s an article from back in 2008 that touches upon the topic.  A few weeks later I got generic letters from my congressman and senator saying they would vow to fight President Obama and to do what they can to support off-shore drilling, never addressing anything about oil speculation.  I was reminded of that yesterday when I saw Obama proposed new measures on Tuesday to limit speculation in the oil markets.  Who knows if that will work, but I wonder what all those airline CEOs that asked for my support thought of that news from the president yesterday.
  • And yes, I’m well aware many on the right believe that more domestic drilling will put an end to all of this.
  • That Julia Louis-Dreyfus sure does age well.
  • This person writes what it’s like for the story of his murdered East Texas aunt to be turned into a comedy starring Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine, and Matthew McConaughey.  The writer even interviews the killer in prison, who mentions how bad he just wants to feel carpet touch his feet, that he hasn’t had that feeling in 14-years.  Here’s the movie trailer.
  • Navy and Notre Dame will be playing a football game in Ireland.  I don’t know why, but I guess that’s pretty darn cool.  The game will be on CBS, and I bet that ticks NBC, which has the rights to all Notre Dame home games.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt without makeup.
  • I don’t think Bobby V is going to finish the month as the skipper of the Red Sox.  But man, it sure was nice to see the Rangers put on a show last night.
  • Dirk isn’t a fan of 635
  • A crazy an interesting story: How do you get rid of dead cows frozen solid inside a cabin on federal land high in the Rocky Mountains?  Heck, they are even thinking about blowing them up.
  • If this video is real, this kid and drop out of school and earn a living now.
  • A cute sound coming from a pair of baby black bear cubs.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers’ throwback jersey celebrating 80-years is quite ugly.
  • Note Bono Left Behind In Israel – Hope Is Like A Faithful Dog
  • This poor kid pooped her pants and was the top story on the local news.  And her last name is “Skidmore”?
  • Design your own custom nap
  • “Keith, you’ve hurt more people than you know.”
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Gracie says:

    I've been reading this blog for years. It's my favorite. I appreciate the honest tone of your writing. Each day, BON rewards me with something interesting, thought provoking or a tidbit to make me smile. I am sure you have many readers who feel the same.

    Keith, you've touched more people than you know!

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  3. Pingback: Jennifer Love Hewitt Without Makeup Still Just As Beautiful | Zeal For Life Wellness Drink

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