Bag of Randomness

  • One thing that really stood out from all the Titanic specials over the weekend was how the ship never really capsized unlike about every single other ship that has sunk.
  • Jason’s Deli has two new changes . . . they no longer provide a pickle with your sandwich, for which I am thankful because I don’t eat them and the pickle juice gets on the other stuff (but you can still get them at the salad bar), and cauliflower has been replaced with zucchini when you get steamed veggies.
  • Non-Spoiler Mad Men observation: the camera work was much different that other episodes.
  • Possible Man Men observational spoiler: Pete is depressed, on rock bottom, and the gun still resides in his office.  Matt Weiner, the creator of the series, at one time was facing budget cuts, so I’m thinking the suicide of Pete Campbell could be some compelling drama.  Don was doodling a noose early in the episode, foreshadowing?
  • I finally know the difference between vanilla and French vanilla.  Basically, French vanilla is custard based (so egg yolks are added) which makes it thicker, creamier, and yellower.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs really know how to take care of their season ticket holders, each will get a free personalized jersey this season, each with a special patch that signifies they are a season ticket holder.
  • This high school is shaped like the Millennium Falcon, which perhaps makes this the coolest or geekiest high school ever.
  • A funny picture of Obama and Clinton together.
  • The new iPhone Siri commercials with celebrities crack me up.
  • I didn’t know the NRA started off as a hunting association and backed many of the nation’s first modern gun-control laws.  At least that’s what this article is saying.
  • This was surprising to me: One in five US adults does not use the internet
  • Silly Putty for Potholes
  • A movie cinema that’s not only outdoors, but on the sea with a great backdrop.
  • “Keith, you’ve hurt more people than you know.”
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. MToots says:

    I feel your pain re the final statement, but please don't allow the negative side of those words to overshadow the positive side. In other words…let them be a reminder to continue to show grace and compassion to others…..which you do quite well! To dwell on criticism only causes us to be hurt deeper and deeper rather than to take them as a constructive means to help us be better and better! Wordy? Yep…but, heartfelt! Hope you understand my comments.

  2. Melissa says:

    okay…i have to say, good for Jason's…i too hate the pickles touching my food..i always say no pickle,b ut usually end up with it and the juice!

    Keith, we've all hurt people…i can't begin to know the person/circumstance HOWEVER this comment seems to me to be a bit of "lashing out"; i feel your hurt from the remark and struggle to process…i am currently going through a very similar situation…but move forward…use it for what it was: a passing remark, a reminder to love your neighbor as yourself, and don't let it define you.

  3. Jenny says:

    Being from Kansas City, I just had to say "Go Chiefs!"

    In regards to your last comment, I think you might want to reflect more on the fact that you've helped more people than you know. I read this every morning just after I get to work and though I'm not sure it helps me get through the day, it sure does start my day off with a laugh. Keep your chin up.

  4. Paul says:

    Someone who's well-meaning can still be an agent of evil (I'm talking about the person who said this to you, not you).

    We've all hurt people. We've hurt people and didn't know it. Are you trying to live your life according to the golden rule or are you ignoring the needs of those closest to you? From what I can tell, it's the former.

    Don't let this comment mark you. The fact that it hurts you (you've mentioned it two days in a row) proves that you're not a callous people hater, but someone disturbed by the idea of hurting people, even unintentionally.

    We can all improve, but dwelling on the negative actually keeps this from happening. Live in grace. Glad I get to know you across the interwebs. 😉


  5. warren says:

    Keith Geeding & Bag of Nothing has helped more people than he'll ever know.

  6. Stefanie says:

    Tough weekend, Geeding. Gleen what you want and try to learn. But, I'll share with you exactly what I tell my kids: "The world is a mean place. But, here you are loved. And, no matter how bad a day, here you can relax, be yourself and know you'll always be accepted."
    You have that home. We are not perfect…which makes us perfect in His eyes. So, know that you'll be hit by a few curve balls and you'll be throwing a few yourself. Be thankful that God gave you the home that will replenish your soul. As for tough message – perhaps there are reasons you don't know that it might need to have been heard. Trust me on this one.

  7. Nathan Hart says:


    I'm really tired at the end of a LONG day of ministry, but really wanted to take a moment to respond to this.

    It seems to me that the person who made that comment was trying to wound you. He was, in fact, doing the very accusation he was positing upon you. That's the only thing I can think of. As the others above have said, and our favorite song even says, "we hurt each other then we do it again." We're humans, it's part of what we do. "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."

    And knowing your character, let me just say that you are about the last person I would put in the category of Frequent Hurter Of Others. You are exceedingly thoughtful, sincere, and grace-seeking. Certainly your friend knows this about you, and just wanted to cut you down a bit with his words. Sadly, it worked.

    Be encouraged brother. You reflect God's love and grace.

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