Bag of Randomness

  • This weekend I met with my closest friends who are fellow members of a scholarship selection committee to designate a winner for the scholarship set up to honor our late good friend.  I wish the winner, that will be announced, in May I think, the very best.
  • WifeGeeding mentioned that the week leading up to this meeting I tend to be pretty excited and eager to meet my old buddies, but thinks after the meeting I’m usually somewhat frustrated and depressed.  She’s dead on, and I think it’s because just about all of them have remained the same personality wise, and I’ve changed quite a bit, so it’s never the good ol’ days like I think it will be.  After my friends left this weekend, I really did nothing but try to nap and sit in silence thinking, looking out the window waiting for the weekend to be over.  Heck, even my daughter was asking my wife why I was so sad.
  • Two of the last three years after hitting several tangents and trying to get everyone focused back on selecting a winner during our meetings, I’ve said something that had caused someone to leave the room out of anger.  Despite my best intentions, I can’t deliver the message well, so I’m guessing I must not play well with others.
  • It’s frustrating when I see my fellow scholarship selection committee members play/use their electronic devices while we discuss and try to narrow down a winner.  It makes me think that as a group we aren’t taking this process seriously when our decision can make a huge impact on a young person’s life, and that we may not be honoring our friend in the best of ways.
  • If there’s one thing that sets me up for anger, it’s being cut off while speaking.  It tells me I’m not respected enough to even finish a sentence and you are arrogant enough to think what I’m about to say has no value.
  • I was told this weekend that I have hurt more people than I know.  That really, really hurts, because I do my best to make those around me happy and care way too much what other people think of me.  That one is going to stick with me for a while, and I guess I have to accept that criticism.
  • Each year one of us is responsible for a Bible study to start things off, and this year I was responsible for the task.  I decided to use the story of King Uzziah.   In short, God selected Uzziah as a young leader who has a lot of fame and success in his rule, but later in his life overstep his boundaries in the temple and was cursed with leprosy and couldn’t even be buried in the royal cemetery.  Judging by the faces and reactions of my friends, I fear I did a poor job of relating the story to our role.  After having each read a portion of the the passage, which I printed on paper and handed out, I asked my pastor friend for one or two things that stood out, thinking he would say that Uzziah had a lot of success or was selected as a young leader or how God cursed him, and my buddy just asked if I could come back to him.
  • We did spend some time at Top Golf Dallas.  Even though I’m not much of a golfer, it was fun.
  • While in Colombia, current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ditched the pantsuit for a dress and was caught dancing at a night club.
  • I thought Rock Center with Brian Williams would be in the same ballpark as 60 Minutes, I was totally wrong.  But who knows, it took years for 60 Minutes to find their groove.
  • You really get an appreciation for the size of the Titanic when you see the man at the bottom of this picture.
  • Google is wanting to hiring a doodler.
  • Local TSA agent faces up to 10 years in jail after stealing eight iPads from the bags he’s supposed to be inspecting
  • Wolves reunite with old friend
  • “Keith, you’ve hurt more people than you know.”
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Peggy says:

    Sadly, most of us have "hurt more people than we know". The true meaning of friendship is to recognize that we may have upset someone and take action to repair the harm we have caused. Some times we can't or don't recognize that someone else's thoughts or feeling have just as much weight as our own. You guys mean the world to me and what you do to honor Micah isn't just selecting the scholarship winner each year. It is keeping a bond that he would surely be a part of if he was here. Honor your friendships as well as your friend.

  2. MToots says:

    Peggy's words are "right on"! Love her ending statement!

  3. Andy B says:

    I'm with you, Keith. I hate it when people play on their phones when we're supposed to be discussing something as a group. My close friends are bad about that. I also can't stand being interrupted, especially when people complete my sentences for me. I'm sorry this weekend was so unpleasant for you.

  4. Brokelyn says:

    Keith, you've brought joy to many, many people you do not know via this blog. Don't get too down on yourself for being human.

    By the way, I have to comment on the cutting off thing. I cut someone off twice today and both times I felt bad about it but it had to be done. Sometimes people aren't aware that they are going on too long. Sometimes people do a great job of getting their point across quickly, but then embellish too much. If you find that you're being cut off, take a look at yourself and see if perhaps you were rambling. I don't know you or your situation, so what I'm saying is merely meant to be constructive — I am not pointing my finger at you.

    As always, thanks for (Bag of) Nothing!

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