Bag of Randomness

  • In case you ever wondered what fictional character you shared a birthday with.
  • You’d think after being loyal to a cell phone company for years, that when it comes time to upgrade to a new phone and stay on for an additional two years, the last thing they would do is charge you a fee for being a loyal customer, but no, they all charge you an upgrade fee.
  • That Christian school teacher that got fired for getting pregnant out of wedlock story is starting to gain some national coverage.  Private institutions should have the right to have their own rules, but firing a single pregnant woman and possibly making her lose her medical insurance coverage doesn’t show much grace or compassion.  It all kind of has that “let ye who have not sinned cast the first stone” vibe to it.
  • Wasn’t Mary single and pregnant?
  • A former Navy SEAL was at a Cowboys game and confronted someone who didn’t take his hat off during the national anthem because he thought the hatted man wasn’t showing respect.  I get that, I understand his point and his background, but I also think those who fought for this country also fought for the right of those to have the freedom of what others want to do while the anthem is played.  It’s kinda like when you hear that someone died for your right to vote.  Very, very true, they died fighting for your freedom, and you have the right to vote or not to vote.  But lets remember, it’s certainly more respectful and honorable to remove your hats during the anthem and to vote.
  • Heck of a gun safe.
  • Poor Baylor basketball followers, first Dave Bliss, then a redemption, and now this: NCAA puts Baylor basketball on three-year probation
  • An interesting review of U2’s song ‘Vertigo’, especially how images like a crucifix and stop you down and ground you.
  • Interactive Zombie Survival Map
  • How fortunate for TCU to have an event that featured 1959 alum Bob Schieffer, Norah O’Donnell, Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, and others.  Heck, it’s pretty darn cool for all those of competing networks to actually take part.
  • Letterman had Bird and Magic on his show last night, and it was great to see Bird actually let his guard down and speak from the heart.
  • In case you wanted to know what the Real Housewives of Atlanta make
  • Best and worst jobs of 2012 -Most stressful careers
  • A man in a crazy pair of pants asked Mitt Romney a question.
  • It appears a lot of the folks from NBC’s “The Office” are going to start a new show at FOX.
  • Burger King Releases New Bacon Sundae
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