Bag of Randomness

  • When hail is falling from the sky, I’m sure roofers and auto body repair shop folks are doing a dance of joy.
  • There are so many roofers stopping by wanting to provide free estimates I had to put a sign on the front door saying we were already committed to a roofer.
  • We took the cars in for an appraisal and found we have about $7,000 in damage, and the crazy part is the worst part of the storm was just about two miles away.
  • I was trying to research what Jews believe happens after one dies, and I think the first paragraph in this link sums it up.  Can any of my Jewish readers verify?
  • The “in” thing nowadays is to be a Christian athlete, just see what it has done for Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin.  Bubba Watson is the latest flavor.
  • I’m looking forward to The Avengers movie, but I’ve grown tired of the commercial where Robert Downey Jr says, “we have a hulk” and ends it with a smirk.
  • The man behind the Commodore was a survivor of Auschwitz, he also died yesterday.
  • In recent years, according to Disney research, the average Magic Kingdom visitor has had time for only nine rides — out of more than 40.  Source
  • It’s looking like Rick Majerus will be the next head basketball coach at SMU.  He has a fondness for only living in hotels, I wonder if any have tried to contact him just in case things do work out.
  • A single (that is, not married) female teacher at a Christian school got pregnant, then fired.
  • A bunch of tweets from people who didn’t know that the Titanic disaster was an real event.
  • Dental X-Rays Linked To Common Brain Tumor, Study Finds
  • If you are a long time DFW resident, here’s one of the great commercials from back in the day.
  • Living the dream: Husband and wife quit jobs, will visit 120 minor league ballparks in one year
  • Last night I put some waffles in the toaster only to find that we were out of syrup.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Seymore says:

    I guess the christian school is not much on the forgiving a sinner concept…Enter text right here!

  2. katimendez says:

    when out of syrup in that case, we use honey or peanut butter. either works okay. 🙂

  3. AndreaJN says:

    I thought the man behind the Commodore was Lionel Ritchie…..

    Sometimes I put jelly on my waffles.

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