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  • FOX Sports Southwest needs to step up their Texas Rangers coverage . . . they missed the first two pitches of opening day and the Yu Darvish start.  Here’s the reason why those first two pitches weren’t aired.
  • The top three players with the most hits against the Rangers are Carl Yastrzemski, and Ichiro Suzuki.
  • Storage Wars: Texas will soon be filming in my tiny hometown of Mineral Wells.
  • The one part of yard work I dread most is picking up leaves and clippings from trimming bushes and trees.  I say that because yesterday I did all of those things.
  • I find when using a hedge trimmer, it’s best to work from the bottom up.
  • For you fellow Mad Men fans, the $400 Roger gave Peggy, per the inflation calculator, is worth $2,890.96 today.
  • The other thing I didn’t catch in that episode but I read in a review was in the Don Draper dream.  When he pushed that woman’s body under his bed, one shoe was missing, which was a connection to the Cinderella pitch that happened earlier in the day.
  • Those Ken Starr Baylor Bears could be in trouble: Report: Baylor’s banner year could be tainted by NCAA violation penalties.  Hey, if you are going to cheat like all the other programs, then follow their lead and learn how not to get caught.  When these things happen, I don’t like it when the universities penalize themselves in hopes of not getting stricter penalties from the NCAA.  That’s like a criminal telling a judge that he grounded himself in hopes of a softer sentence.  And you can chalk this up as yet another reason why professional sports are better than the college game.
  • I always get a kick out of women who complain about men wearing hats in church, yet on Easter Sunday will wear an outrageous hat but declare it’s OK since it’s fashion.
  • I highly question the finalists for the best burger in DFW.
  • I had no idea that Instagram was less then two years old and had only 13 employees.  I bet all of them benefited quite nicely from the billion dollar purchase from Facebook.
  • Richie Ashburn of the Phillies once hit a foul ball that broke a woman’s nose.    His second foul ball hit the woman again as she was being taken away on a stretcher.
  • If you are watching the Baltimore Oriels play at Camden Yards, you can order bacon on a stick.
  • Dallas to get an “upscale, boutique bowling alley” at The Shops at Park Lane
  • It’s all about perspective
  • Apparently, this year’s Masters champ was in a boy band video.
  • I’d bet good money that Lamar Odom is next year’s Comeback Player of the Year.
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  1. Dude! Can you put "SPOILER ALERT" before the Mad Men revelations please?

    🙂 Thanks.

    Also, that Ed Young guy is astonishingly narcissistic.

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