Bag of Randomness

  • I’ve notice more and more businesses are closed on Easter Sunday.
  • The best part from The Masters yesterday.
  • I’m quite certain my death certificate will indicate a contributing factor of my death is the Dairy Queen Blizzard.
  • The greatest idea for a radiator ever – Thermosaurus radiator
  • I’m surprised no one in the area, like in Uptown or Southlake, has come up with the idea of an indoor swimming pool where you can swim with your pets.
  • If you are at work and all of a sudden a new person shows up with a crew that happens to be filming a documentary, then you’re on Undercover Boss.  Be sure to tell some sort of sympathetic story so you can milk “the man” for as much as you can.
  • I had WifeGeeding rank her family in the order of intelligence the other day (we had to leave out her aunt and uncles, one is a member of Mensa), her mother came in first.
  • Mike Wallace was a joy to watch, it was great how he interrogated an interviewee.  I wish there were more of his kind, too bad his son doesn’t even come close.
  • SMH – Ann Curry’s response to Wallace’s death: Tough questions are being asked in Heaven today. RIP Mike Wallace
  • Bob Schieffer discussed how the Internet is changing the way people worship, you can watch the segment here.
  • A movie theater was converted to a pretty nifty looking book store
  • If you are having trouble buying a gift for someone, might come in handy.  Basically, you answer a few questions for the person you are buying, narrow down the results, and a selection of gifts display.
  • A little late for Easter, but you are are a dog lover, here you go.
  • Also late for Easter, Kate Upton wishes you a Happy Easter
  • Well, that’s an interesting sounding train.
  • If Back to the Future III was a silent era film
  • Take an Anatomical Safari: Photos of Inside-Out Animals
  • That picture above is from this photo series of the Ruins of Detroit.  That particular clock is part of an old technical high school.  I see some crazy symbolism in it.
  • The voice of Bambi ended up becoming the youngest Marine Corps drill instructor ever and served three tours in Vietnam.
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  1. MToots says:

    Yeah, we'll….I'm not sure about the "intelligent" title. That would depend on the area being tested…..'Nuff said!

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