Bag of Randomness

  • The drive back from Austin was better than the drive to Austin.  There’s nothing like driving through Texas during the springtime and seeing all the wildflowers.
  • I finally got some time to check out parts of Austin other than my hotel room.  Congress Street is a pretty darn cool place, and it’s amazing how people are able to park their cars using reverse angle parking.  While there I got to eat at Home Slice, where I had a slice of the basic pepperoni and a slice of meatball with red peppers.  It’s definitely some great pizza.
  • On Thursday night some folks took me downtown, which has a very cool vibe to it and it very walkable, heck, you see plenty of runners downtown.  If you are young, it’s definitely a place to live.  We first went to Carlos Santana’s restaurant Maria Maria for drinks, and then to Iron Works for some BBQ.  I didn’t find anything too great about Maria Maria, and the smoke penetration wasn’t what I hoped for on my brisket, but I don’t think I had a better beef rib in my life.  As for the BBQ sauce, it was heavy on the vinegar side, and the sides were OK, but certainly not as great as Sharon Allen’s in Abilene.
  • I’m at that stage in fatherhood where I really enjoy taking DaughterGeeding on errand runs with me, places like Home Depot.
  • I finally pulled the trigger on a new mower, after multiple attempts on trying to save my old one.  I decided to go with a cordless electric mower since I have a relatively small lawn and I’m tired for paying for gas.  There were some 24 and 36 volt versions, but I decided to go with a 48 volt mower, which was the highest volt and only one of its kind I could find.
  • I thought it was interesting that Katie Couric would co-host Good Morning America this week, and I thought ABC would easily win the ratings battle, but I bet GMA gets blown out of the water when Sarah Palin co-hosts the Today show on Tuesday.  Palin is a current employee of the most conservative news network, and now she’ll be co-hosting on a show that is part of what I think most conservatives think is the most liberal news network, that is, if there is a difference between MSNBC and NBC News.
  • My classes in college, unlike the University of Michigan, didn’t include a mariachi band and Zoro.
  • For you Dallas Stars fans: Kari Lehtonen accidently hits his own fan with a puck who ends up with a towel and a stick.
  • A modern-day Jesus is on the cover of Newsweek.  The feature article is written by the very sensible Andrew Sullivan.
  • Surveillance video shows the inside of a school bus in Henryville, Indiana, as a tornado hit on March 2nd
  • Michael Vick’s Humane Society Commercial
  • Bacon Coffin
  • ‘Titanic’ Theme Song Makes Kate Winslet ‘Feel Like Throwing Up’ – But at least she has a good attitude about it.
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