Celebrity Christians Commentary

A few weeks ago in a Bag of Randomness I mentioned that I’m reluctant to cheer on a Christian athlete just because he or she is a Christian, that it might have something to do with jumping on a bandwagon, but I thought there was something more to it. After reading my pastor’s post on celebrity Christians, I he helped me understand why I’m uncomfortable cheering on an athlete just because he or she is also a follower of Christ.

Read his whole post here, but below is an except:

Back then I began to be troubled by the growing practice of American evangelicalism of prancing new converts front and center, in essence, using them as pawns in celebrity testimonies.  Indeed it was great to see a Hollywood star, an entertainment superstar, or an All Pro athlete bear witness to Christ’s redemption story.  Yet all too often is this repeat story of falling from grace. Hear me! I bear little judgment against the fallen, I’m growing increasingly troubled by the American evangelical church parading babes in Christ to primary platforms of witness, if not teaching.  It may make pack the sanctuary, it may inspire the Body of Christ, but it is a questionable practice, one the scriptures themselves seem to caution against for the well-being of the church, and above all to avoid harming the young in Christ.

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