Bag of Randomness

  • As you are reading this, I’m probably on the road to Austin, I gotta be there by 10:00 AM.  It was a busy weekend and I didn’t have much time to blog.  Heck, I don’t know how much I’ll have to post this week, but I’ll try to get something out.
  • My new employer had me sign a Distracted Driver Policy, basically saying I can’t conduct any business while behind the wheel.  Oprah would be proud.
  • I’ve never eaten SpaghettiOs or anything from ChefBoyardee.
  • I saw a Firebird at the carwash on Saturday and it had the “classic” label on its license plate.
  • Speaking of the car wash, I took GirlGeeding with me to the kind where you sit in and just put the car in neutral.  I remember my mother doing the same with me when I was young and being scared to death . . . my daughter had the same experience, but hey, it was a nice father/daughter bonding moment.
  • I wonder if many folks still wash their cars at home.
  • I attended a church small group yesterday and for dinner, pizza was ordered.  That’s usually a good call, but two pizzas were Hawaiian and one was some kind of combo.  There’s not need to two Hawaiian pizzas, guys need ‘real’ pizza.
  • Sometimes I feel like I need to tell WifeGeeding I have hoopfever and I need to see Nurse Ashley.
  • I’m a bit tired of websites asking me for their feedback.
  • I thoughtMad Men was great last night, I’m glad it’s back on the air.
  • Obama Meets Mad Men:

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