Bag of Randomness

  • My laptop from my new company arrived in the mail yesterday addressed to “Keith Greeding” instead of “Keith Geeding.”  As I opened up the contents and VPN’d for the first time, my fears came true . . . I’m in the ‘system’ as “Greeding.”  #SadFace
  • I promptly called IT and they told me that’s how HR reported it, I told them that it’s a sensitive issue since having “greed” in a name isn’t how I would like to start off my time at this new company, and they kindly and sincerely understood.
  • I mean . . . I’m an Obama-loving-socialist . . . there can’t be any greed to me.
  • I also had an interesting exit interview with a representative from Lockheed Martin HR . . . she asked that I send her paperwork that I emailed her a week ago and then told me turn in materials to my manager.  Funny thing, I spoke to her last week telling her since my manager is in Austin I work out of the Dallas office, I’ll be turning my materials to our project support peer, just like everyone else has.
  • I don’t have a lot of faith in HR.
  • One time as an employee of Fidelity Investments I had an issue I wanted addressed and spoke with my HR contact.  As I started to explain my concern he stopped me mid-sentence and said, “Before you continue, I just have to tell you this, that you are my customer, and I’m here for you.  Continue . . .”
  • WifeGeeding wants to celebrate my new job, which I think is really a ploy by her to have me take her out for a nice dinner at Three Forks and pay for a sitter.  I believe this will be the first time we actually hire a sitter and go out.
  • A city manager of Keller was forced to do some layoffs, so he decided to layoff himself.  He saw that Keller already had three city managers and he was making $176,000 a year.  I doubt most of us would have that kind of courage, but I wonder if he has something else lined up.
  • Six Flags of Texas will sometimes change a ride by turning the seating cart around, I remember them doing this with the Judge Roy Scream, now they are doing it with Mr Freeze, probably my favorite ride at the park.  I’m also a sucker for the Conquistador, and even that Casa Magnetica.
  • She and Gov Good Hair never were eye-to-eye on things: Kay Bailey Hutchison Defends Planned Parenthood
  • The Rangers will be selling  a $26 hot dog at the Ball Park this season, at least for the price it comes with fries.
  • It appears U2 is in the studio working on a new album.
  • I wasn’t aware that George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch man that shot young defenseless Trayvon Martin, has called 911 nearly 50 times in the past year.  Rough neighborhood?
  • It sure would be interesting if the New Orleans Saints won the upcoming Super Bowl with an interim head coach and to see the coaching controversy that would follow.
  • Just a bear on a swing.
  • You may want to hold the steering wheel differently
  • North Dakota mayor wants to stage mock hangings for tourists
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  1. warren says:

    Did you find the earliest picture of Krusty with his father?

  2. Larry says:

    I always wondered about those people that ride on the passanger side with their feet on the dash. What happens when an animal runs across the road and gets hit and their air bag goes off? Their knees go through their foreheads. Would probably dislocate a hip pretty quickely.

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