Bag of Randomness

  • My new company I’ll start work for next week send me a welcome package of Harry and David chocolates, cookies, and treats [pic].  That’s a first for me, and a nice way to start off things, but sometimes gestures like these make me wonder if they are fattening the pig up for slaughter.  Oh, and they did address it to “Greeding.”  Seriously folks, there’s no ‘greed’ in my name.
  • I admit, I went to Harry and David’s website to see how much it cost to view the ingredients and nutritional value.
  • A lot of pictures of a heavy set man wearing a tutu to raise money for breast cancer.  As terrible as cancer is, I’m beginning to think that breast cancer is an attention whore.
  • It’s crazy how The TICKET morning show can devote an entire segment to something like socks and make it highly entertaining.  Speaking of The TICKET, there’s a t-shirt company selling shirts with some of their most popular drops.
  • Survivor thoughts:
    • If you are a supporter of karma, last night helped make the case.
    • I’m glad to see Colton off the show, he was just a mean spirited, almost evil person.  But what’s worst is that since he didn’t get to complete the game and is such a huge fan, he’ll be back in another game.
    • It’s pretty early for a merge, and I think I like it this way.
    • Tarzan reminds me of the SNL skit of Frozen Caveman Lawyer, except he’s more like Frozen Caveman Plastic Surgeon Competing in Survivor.
  • I think the only reason why NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came down so hard on the New Orleans Saints is because safety and concussions are so up front and center, which has resulted in lawsuits and required him to testify in front of Congress.  By handing down this sort of punishment he’s able to show that he takes safety seriously.  And I think it’s a shame that several years ago when Bill Belichick was caught cheating and the integrity of the game and several Super Bowls were pulled into question, all he got was a fine, no suspension, and his team had some draft picks taken away, which they were already loaded up on anyways.
  • What also makes this all the more interesting is that New Orleans will be hosting the upcoming Super Bowl.
  • A clothing collection for women who have trouble with clasps, buttons and zippers.
  • I was reading an interview about an astronaut who spent about six months in space on the ISS.  He stated something I never thought about, that it was amazing to watch the planet change with the seasons and look at it as if it was one large living, breathing organism.  It was also interesting that he was able to discover a man made border that was visible in space.  Apparently, he’s a Giants fan.
  • W.T. White High School in Northwest Dallas was charging a $5 fee to students who wanted to try out for cheerleading and drill team.
  • Back in 1971, AT&T had a chance to have a monopoly on the Internet.
  • Twelve years ago Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips underwent gastric bypass surgery, back in January she had lap-band surgery.
  • Mad Men Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Women Continue To Fill Rick Perry’s Facebook Wall With Mock Questions
  • What Micky Mouse would look like if he were his true age.
  • I wonder if there’s a local dentist with these video glasses.
  • You’d think a race between the Batmobile of the 60’s and the Micheal Keaton movie would be entertaining, but I didn’t think so.  YouTube
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    If you listen to the ticket you may have had their discourse a few weeks ago about the possible demise of the NFL over the next ten years due to the liability of concussions cases. The writer started with recent scientific evidence conclusively tieing permanent brain damage to professional football. The Musers read from an article that argued that the cost of insurance required to cover players might cause more and more high schools to drop the sport and lose interest in the game. Mediocre colleges also might drop football because of the cost of insurance, as well as the decreased talent pool in high school. Awareness of long-term brain injuries might result in parents holding their kids back. Troy Aikman said a few weeks ago that he wasn't sure if he wanted his kid to play football. The article also speculated that rule changes might make the game less interesting. I think that the real brunt of the brain damage cases are yet to come. In recent years, thanks to steroids, players have become even bigger and faster, inflicting even more damage. UT's offensive line is much bigger than the '86 Super Bowl Chicago Bears famed defensive unit. I guess ESPN will have to tone down those NFL highlight big blow up hits of the week.

  2. Larry says:

    While I love breasts just as much as the next guy, I am getting very tired of this "pink" movement. Breast cancer is not the leading cancer in women ans seems to be taking away from the more prevelant killers. It has become more political than medical in nature and I am getting bored (annoyed) with it being everywhere.

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