Bag of Randomness

  • Yup, that’s our birth announcement for BoyGeeding.  I think all of them were sent in the mail about two weeks ago, but this one goes out to all my readers, all ten or so of you.
  • After looking at a few online, I found birth announcements can get quite expensive, like $1.50 – $3.00 an announcement depending on what you want, and we needed around eighty or so to send out.  So I decided to fire up an old image editing program (Macromedia Fireworks) and create my own using various tutorials I could find online.  It’s not the best image editing job, or even the most creative (if you surf the web a lot like me) but it’s good enough.
  • I then send the image to Costco for printing, where I found they would print a set of 100, and include some fancy envelopes, for something like $34.
  • I’ll be in Austin all of next week, and with all this rain that has hit our great state, I’m hoping to see a lot of bluebonnets.
  • I’ll be having dinner, actually, a group of us will be having dinner with our CEO at a steakhouse called Perry’s.  In case you are wondering, it’s not connected with our current governor.
  • As bills come in for the delivery of BoyGeeding, it looks like total charges are a little above $16,000.  Thankfully, with insurance, I think we’ll only be responsible for paying a tenth of it.
  • I think I’m going to take back my comments about the 80 mph question video being fake after listening to The Ticket yesterday and hearing them ask random girls the same question.  Heck, I even asked WifeGeeding and she came up with the same answer most women did, 80 minutes.  She claimed it was a trick question, but that’s akin to Sarah Palin complaining about gotcha media questions.
  • I don’t mind seeing the ‘Baby on Board’ signs/stickers on cars.  It lets me know why they are probably driving a bit slower and such.
  • An iPhone case that has a collapsible wall plug built into it.
  • 10 Places You’re Not Allowed to See on Google Maps
  • Human Bird Wings
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11 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Peggy says:

    I think the announcement is spectacular……this includes some bias on my part,

  2. Melissa says:

    fine work…on the birth announcement and WNG; he's a cutie!

    i am so not creative like that, so i am way impressed with this announcement!

  3. KC1 says:

    Baby Boy Geeding is beautiful! The announcement is incredible, so, so cute and creative!

  4. Kaleb says:

    When you are at Perry's, get the pork chop. I am lucky enough to eat there about once a month and have yet to find anything that is close to it……..You're welcome!!

  5. Gaylin in Vancouver says:

    That is the best birth announcement I have ever seen! Good work. Also good work to wife Geeding, job well done.

  6. Stefanie says:

    AWESOME birth announcement!!

    As for the 80 mph, I'm glad you shared. I'm going to start math in the car. I would never want either of my kids not be able to answer this basic math question. 🙁

  7. b_caesar says:

    Better watch out – the MPAA is pretty stingy on their ratings…then again, it'll probably be 18 years or so before they'll be able to make a reasonable assessment, assuming you even submit him for consideration… 😉

  8. kimmydoodle says:

    So happy for you, BON! What a beautiful baby boy – y'all did good!

  9. AndreaJN says:

    Fantastic announcement for a fantastic family! Love it!!

  10. Andy B says:

    OUTSTANDING birth announcement!

  11. rita says:

    fabulous! what's more – BabyBoyG and i have the same birthday. YAY!

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