Mother induced labor so dying husband could see daughter

I may be a few days late on this, but I thought it was still worth posting.

THE COLONY – Less than an hour.

That’s how long Mark Aulger got to see his daughter, Savannah, before he died.

The Colony father had recently learned that he had survived colon cancer, but his wife said months of chemotherapy badly deteriorated his lungs.

“It was basically like his lungs were soaked in concrete,” Diane Aulger said. “They couldn’t inhale or pass oxygen throughout the body, he was in essence, suffocating to death.”

In January, his condition worsened, and he was admitted to the hospital.

Doctors said his lungs were badly scarred and he was given just days to live.

His wife, who was eight-months pregnant, was induced two weeks early so Mark would be able to see his unborn daughter.

“He got to be the first one to hold her, [and he] held her for 45 minutes,” Diane Aulger said.

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