Broken Mirror Jesus Available on Etsy

This is the result of an idea i woke up with one morning. This sculpture started out as a pair of thermal pj’s. I had my nephew put them on and lay on the floor in the general form of jesus on the cross, he was then covered with duct-tape to hold his pose. The mold was then removed and i stuffed it with pages of phonebooks and pictures that represented the sins of the world torn from from magazines, this is too illustrate how jesus took upon him self our sins. I used a maniquin head to top it off. I mounted it to a cedar cross i made and used railroad spikes as the nails (by the way the nails where mentally as well as physically challenging). I then covered it with 1/8 inch broken mirror. I bought two hand made crown of thorns from jeruselem and soaked them in water, torm them apart and made them into one to give a heavier affect. And the result is amazing and emotionally moving from my 4 year old son to people I’ve never met, the reactions and comments are inspiring. Its not for sale unless the number was right. P.s. when light hits it it comes to life.


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