Bag of Randomness

  • Last night local weatherman Pete Delkus tweeted that he was going to have a special guest with him tomorrow when he does the weather.  I had a literal laugh-out-loud moment when he followed that tweet up with “no…it’s not the ghost of harold taft.”  For us local folks that grew up around these parts, that’s some funny stuff.
  • Last on on CBS 11 Karen Borta was reporting on a story in which DISD boys and not girls got to go on a field trip to watch the movie Red Tails.  She tried to describe it as a movie about black WWII pilots, but said “black WWII pirates.”
  • Last night’s 30 Rock had a Tony Romo reference.
  • Last time I started a Bag of Randomness with the word “last” four straight times was never.
  • While eating at our local Chick-fil-A one of their employees who’ve somewhat befriended over the years unexpectedly stopped by and gave DaughterGeeding a stuffed cow and also made sure to give our about-to-be-here son a gift as well.
  • I always have to double check how to spell “Chick-Fil-A”.
  • One time on a trip home from college I asked my dad what was his greatest accomplishment, thinking he would say something like it was me or something from his military experience.  In typical Dad fashion I got, “Hell boy, I don’t know, what do you ask me these things.”  I think I caught him on an off day.
  • My first bicycle was a Dallas Cowboys bike, which was cool, what was not cool was that it had a banana seat.
  • I’m not a fan of party napkins, they really don’t function very well.
  • For you Walking Dead fans, a new episode comes on this Sunday.
  • I remember when Howie Mandell use to have curly hair.
  • Blue Bell ice cream is highly overrated.  It’s good, just not great.
  • Recently I recalled a story in a business class in which nothing is ever guaranteed and not to take your most loyal customers for granted.  Back in the day, the number one customer of Heinz was McDonald’s which supplied them with ketchup for decades.  Then one day, out of the blue, McDonald’s decided to produce their own ketchup.  Let’s just say that hurt Heinz’s profits the next year.
  • Sometimes I wish I took college more seriously.
  • Sometimes I wish I took college less seriously.
  • I was glad to see the First Lady get a warm reception in Fort Worth yesterday.
  • It’s often said that those at the end of their life wish they would have taken more chances.  So far, I have lots of regrets and wish I can take a lot of those chances back.  But I do wish, starting at a very young age, that I would have cared less about what others thought.
  • A news reporter tracks down a jerk that leaves nasty comments on Facebook memorial pages.  Link
  • When people say “I don’t care” I think they actually do care, they just want out of the conversation.
  • Creative Valentine’s Day card
  • As of late, I’ve been addicted to Modern Marvels.
  • Katie Perry signed her divorce settlement papers with a smiley face.
  • Spike Lee’s first name is actually Shelton.
  • Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels . . .
  • Grace
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  1. theangrypanda says:

    So … whose job is it to de-bone the pork rectums?

  2. dan says:

    And why on earth would anyone want to eat them without the bone?

  3. moldylovesagoodtheme says:

    St. Elmo's Fire!

  4. ngorcharego says:

    ha… almost awesome

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