Bag of Randomness

  • When car seats for infants and children became mandatory, was there any outrage that the government were infringing on citizen’s lives? If I had to guess, I’d say yes.  Heck, I wonder how long it’s been law?
  • Dick Clark Productions is oddly enough not owned by Dick Clark, but by Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.
  • I went out for a late night snack and while radio station surfing landed on 105.3 where I heard the host do nothing but bash Dale Hansen and demand an apology (for what, I have no idea), and he said he was on day 29 demanding an apology from him.  But that wasn’t the craziest thing he said, he tried to say in all seriousness that Newy Scruggs was one of the best sports reporters in Dallas.  I’d rather hear Bobbie Wygant  cover sports than Newy.
  • Retired basketball star David Robinson has a 16-year-old son that is 6-foot-5 (and still growing) and it looks like he’s gonna be one heck of a football player.
  • While watching Jeopardy! last night I learned that some of Gandhi’s ashes are in Los Angeles.  Wikipedia
  • A 3-D printer was used to make a jaw implant for an 83-year-old woman, I wonder if this technology can be used to help Roger Ebert.
  • Obama had quite the facial expression at this science fair experiment.  Here’s the video if you are interested.  As much as I complain about athletic championships getting to visit the White House, I absolutely love the idea of young scholars being able to visit for their accomplishments, and hope future administrations will continue to do the same.
  • A highlight real of other performances and practice of that tight rope dancer at the Super Bowl.
  • Psychology Today article – Authentic Love, Kierkegaard, and U2
  • Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy are cousins
  • No fooling this cat twice
  • The 50 Most Powerful Images From the Civil War
  • “Thank You, Wes Welker”: Company Dumps 900 Pounds Of Butterfingers On Boston Street
  • For a 48-year-old pastor, Joel Osteen has some pretty impressive abs.
  • How plants warn each other of danger
  • A vacationing family from Canada was streaming movies in a car and was  hit with $10,000 bill, but thankfully the company offered a bit of grace.
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  1. dan says:

    I've heard Hansen blast the FAN within the past few weeks. I'm not sure but I think the dispute is that the FAN, home of the Dallas Cowboys, has been a strong booster of the Cowboys and Jerry Jones throughout the mediocre season. Hansen claims they've been dishonest in their evaluation of the Cowboys' program because they want to keep the Cowvboys games on the station. That is my take on it. Check with Dale for his take.

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