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  • What hits me between the eyes when it comes to the Super Bowl or the Academy Awards is the people involved actually have a chance to prove they are the very best in their profession.  There’s not too many careers where you can reach that level of accomplishment, recognition, and satisfaction.  Most of us are only limited to just go work, put our head down, and do the best we can to bring home a paycheck and try to make life enjoyable for those around us.
  • Nice quote from NFL Man of the Year award winner and Baltimore Raven Matt Birk, “Reading is a skill from which all others follow.”
  • Thanks to Peter King, I learned that New England Patriot defensive lineman Vince Wilfork occupied Peyton Manning’s locker.
  • I saw a lot of folks poking fun at Tom Brady’s super model wife consoling him after the Super Bowl loss.  Heck, I find it admirable that a wife cares so much for her husband, what did they expect her to do?  I also think people are too hard on her after she was being taunted by Giants fans about her husband’s performance.  She’s a model, she’s not use to taunting, I give her a pass.
  • For our Super Bowl dining experience, we decided to utilize the Domino’s website option of ordering a pizza several days in advance.  Here’s a look inside their command center on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • It seems the past few winters were pretty harsh and there were lots of reports how cities were having budget troubles regarding snow and ice removal.  Wit such a mild winter this time around for almost all the country, I wonder how things are working for cities budget wise.
  • Caroline Kennedy was forced to grow up with thick skin, but it must be tough hearing so many things, true or untrue, about her father over the years.  Heck, I wonder how her kids handle all this stuff.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about this one, but a girl is prevented from riding rides at SeaWorld and Universal Orlando because she has no hands.
  • Republican Clint Eastwood provided a statement about that “controversial” Chrysler ad.  I just thought it was interesting that the commercial stated that it was halftime in America, as if this country is at its midpoint, and that as pro-American as it attempts to be, Chrysler is majority owned by Fiat.
  • Google hires a senior director at Apple for a top secret project
  • If you are a fan of the Khan Academy, this should be an interesting read.  If you a child in school, then you should really get to know the free and very resourceful website.  Here’s a three-minute 20/20 segment on it if you are interested.
  • With a baby due any day now, it’s a bit weird knowing that this is a date I’ll have to remember for the rest of my life.
  • Snowmobile/avalanche close call
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    Don't tell me you are one of those that trows TP in the trash instead of the toilet. Nasty habit.

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