Bag of Randomness

  • Back in the fourth-grade when Rocky IV arrived in theaters I use to wear this shirt, and for some reason, I always felt it made me stronger, faster, tougher, taller, and Italian.
  • “I guess what I’m trying to say is, if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change.”
  • I’ve been addicted to Le Madeleine‘s “Chicken la Madeleine” but I find it hard to believe it is under 600 calories.
  • For his career, Joe Namath has thrown 43 more interceptions than touchdowns and yet he’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • HBO’s Game Change, the movie about the 2008 presidential election, will be aired in March and the first movie trailer was released yesterday.  I read the book, and it was one of those that I actually had a hard time putting down, and I’m one of those that find it hard to be interested in reading.
  • One Man Phantom of the Opera
  • Karen Borta on CBS 11 has the weirdest looking eyebrows, but I don’t think that’s what most men notice about her.
  • We decided on a name for our soon to be here son, and I wrote the following letter to WifeGeeding’s family informing them.  There’s probably some background I need to give, but for now, this is all you get.
  • It seems like every college states they are part of U.S. News and World Reports rankings, which makes me wonder exactly how honorable is the mention.
  • Great Emergency Instant Shelter
  • I think that Lea Michelle girl on Glee has a bunch of manly facial features.
  • Bush 41 and his son, the former Governor of Florida, visited the current president in the Oval Office.  It’s interesting to see Bush 41 in a wheel chair, but hey, the man is 87-years-old.
  • I remember back in elementary school when we would play with a parachute during PE.  My memory of that parachute is that it was the size of a house, but I bet if I could see it as an adult, it would be much smaller.
  • The weather in DFW has been great, like in the 70’s for the past two days.  It’s crazy how we couldn’t have this weather last year during the Super Bowl.
  • I bet Peyton Manning is doing just fine with his rehab, and all the stories of his struggles is just a way to force the Colts to cut him.
  • I think I heard that BB King will be playing in a nearby casino soon.  It would be cool to catch him at least once before, well, you know.
  • Something for my fellow 1310AM P1’s, you can thank me later . . .”


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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. katimendez says:

    LOVE the name!!!

  2. katimendez says:

    (my dad's middle name is Walter, fwiw)

  3. 05girl says:


    (ala LOST)

  4. Brokelyn says:

    Too late to see BB. I have been a life-long fan and I just saw him again in Houston. He only plays a few songs, spending the rest of the time talking incoherently to women in the front row. His band covers for him because he always forgets what he's playing half way through a song. He also forgets his band members' names (very awkward). I LOVE BB and always will, but his latest tour is a sham. His handlers are living off of his good name and the lovely man should finally accept that age has overtaken him. I have already said my final goodbyes to him.

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