Man Lives After Accidentally Shooting a Nail into His Head that He Didn’t Notice

Gail Glaenzer often teased her accident-prone fiance, Dante Autullo, about their long engagement, joking that she wanted to marry before he hurt himself too badly.

“I told him, I want to get married while your face is pretty for wedding pictures,” she said.

Neither Glaenzer nor Autullo thought anything of it when Autullo hit himself in the head with his nail gun while working in his Orland Park garage Tuesday and texted Glaenzer a quip with a picture of what he thought was a minor scratch on his head.

Thursday morning, Autullo awoke at Advocate Christ Medical Center after surgery to remove a 3½-inch nail he accidentally shot into his brain some 36 hours earlier.

“He got real close to his face,” Glaenzer said Friday, finally able to joke about the situation.

Autullo was awake and talking after the operation that removed the nail and replaced a contaminated piece of his skull with a patch of mesh and plate of titanium.

Autullo is expected to leave the hospital this weekend with no lingering aftereffects. Damage to his brain tissue was minimal, and the father of four has showed no signs of loss of function, vision or memory, said Dr. Leslie Schaffer.

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