Bag of Randomness

  • I’m an adjunct professor of finance (at least that’s the job title) at a Christian university and I recently received a phone call from a student calling on behalf of the university thanking us for our service and asking if we had anything we would like them to pray for.  She then asked if I received a Founders Day pledge in the mail, and if not, she would be happy to send another one to me which would reference her name and a suggested pledge amount.  I think she’s majoring in rope-a-doping.
  • USAA’s headquarters in San Antonio is the largest private office building in the U.S.  [Source]
  • I saw the local news interview a UT Arlington political science professor about Gov Good Hair dropping out of the presidential race.  He blamed the liberal media for the Gov’s fall.  And here I thought all academics were crazy liberals.
  • Jon Hamm is lending his for for a PBS cartoon, and his character is named Ham Johnson.  Check out a few clips here.
  • The fashion blogging model lady that walked into a plane propeller left the hospital yesterday and it was all over the news.  Why. Do. We. Care?
  • After the Cowboys are knocked out of contention, I usually root for the team that will help preserve their record for Super Bowl appearance or victories, but now I just don’t care after watching all the bad personal decisions year after year.
  • Watching last night’s 30 Rock made me think that Alec Baldwin has lost a decent amount of weight.  His character also had personalized checks with Ronald Reagan riding an eagle on them.
  • This guy was having anger issues at the Australian Open.
  • So what’s next for Gov Good Hair,President of A&M?
  • Newt likes playing the victim.
  • I’m not so much interested in who the Republican nominee will be, I’m more interested in who’s going to be the running mate no matter the nominee.  It seems people get really jazzed about the two on the ticket rather than the one who will actually be presiding.
  • The CEO of Apple manufacturer Foxconn recently had an interesting comment about his workforce, “Managing One Million Animals Gives Me A Headache”.
  • There’s a fancy new bridge in Dallas, and here’s a cool photo of what it looks like from the bottom.
  • How Coffee Changed America
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